Spontoon Island
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First posted 6 August 2012

Millie's "Strange Plane"
By Roy D. Pounds, II

"After serving on the S.S. Athena, Millie Mink got a job with an airline in 1946 
as a Stewardess. On her first flight, while attending a group headed to
the Spontoon Islands, a passenger notices something odd,
just outside his window.”

Millie1 - Roy D. Pounds II
(Larger file here - 707 KBytes)
“Looking out the windows, all notice a small, Navy fighter has pulled up
 alongside the airliner, with it's prop feathered, but still maintaining speed.
Millie is shocked because she has never seen an aircraft behave like that before.”
Millie 2 - Roy D. Pounds II
(Larger file here - 719 KBytes)
“The strange aircraft flies with the airliner for a short while before peeling-off 
and disappearing into a bank of clouds. Those who had witnessed the odd craft
didn't speak much of the incident afterwards.“
Millie 3 - Roy D. Pounds II
(Larger file here - 707 KBytes)

(The aircraft is a Ryan FR-1 'Fireball', a U.S. Navy dual-power prop/jet fighter, 
in service 1945 through 1947.)

More of the life of Melissa Pendragon (AKA 'Millie Mink') may be found via: