Spontoon Island
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STEAMFOX by Roy D. Pounds II
Someone has to keep those steamships steaming....
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*  Uploaded 8 October 2015  *

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Steamfox comic: "Millie almost blows her cover..." (medium resolution) - by Roy D. Pounds II
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"Millie almost blows her cover..." - by Roy D. Pounds II

*  Upload 8 October 2015  *
Shortly after the S.S. Athena left port and headed out for the Spontoon Islands 
in the Pacific, Millie takes a brief break and starts working on
her latest article for a newspaper column she writes.
"Millie Types" strip panel #1 - by Roy D. Pounds II

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...this comic strip continued in:

"Millie Types"  *
by Roy D. Pounds II
Upload 8 October 2015
Millie writes a newspaper column in her 'off-duty' time on the S.S. Athena.
(Opens to a separate webpage)

Millie's "Strange Plane"
by Roy D. Pounds, II

Millie Mink as an air stewardess, 1946

Upload 7 August 2012

Millie's "Swim At Dawn"
by Roy D. Pounds, II

A slightly Mature 'Art Studies' image from the Spontoon Lagoon
Upload 7 August 2012

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Below Decks in Steam Freight Ships

circa 1920 through 1940
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