Spontoon Island
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First posted 7 August 2012

Millie's "Swim At Dawn"
By Roy D. Pounds, II

“Millie is an Albino Mustilid-morph of Martin-Mink-Skunk Lineage.”

“I was trying to think up an excuse to show off Millie's webbed toes, and the idea of her taking a swim just after sunrise in a Spontoon Lagoon crossed my mind. To make things even more interesting, the USS Ooweeowchie, a Gato Class sub decided to surface right underneath her. I'm not certain of the protocol for Subs picking up swimmers, but I'm sure it made for an interesting entry into the Sub's log book.”
(artist Roy D. Pounds II)

Millie's Dawn Swim (black & white) - by Roy D. Pounds II
Millie's Swim At Dawn - ©2012 Roy D. Pounds II
(black & white version) (Larger file here - 735 KBytes)

Millie's Dawn Swim (color) - Story & Art by Roy D. Pounds II - color by M. Mitch Marmel
Millie's Swim At Dawn (color) - ©2012 Roy D. Pounds II
(color by M. Mitchell Marmel) (Larger file here - 1.1 MBytes)

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