Spontoon Island
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Collected & posted 24 December 2008
*  Update 10 July 2014  *

Someone's got to keep everything running....

Mechanics at work

Riveter Squirrel by Stuart McCarthy

One afternoon at Superior Engineering
by Roy D. Pounds II (with permissions)

"Bloop!": Racing floatplane tune-up (Roy D Pounds II)

Mike Lee adjusting his "Steam Mule"
(snapshot by Roy D. Pounds II)
Vick & the engine mounts (Allen H. Fishbeck)
Problems testing a Rotary Engine (Roy D. Pounds II)
Rachael working on an engine. (Brian Kinnison)
Tanya & Rachael do some maintenance. (Brian Kinnison)
Sara of SARA'S AIR REPAIR (Tim Fay)

Instruction in Aircraft fabrication (Ken Fletcher)
Student mechanic (Ken Fletcher)

Sunbathing & seaplanes: Distracting mechanics - art by S.A.Gallacci, inks by Ken Fletcher
Art by S.A.Gallacci - inks by Ken Fletcher

Peeking at an RINS mechanic - by O.t. Grey
Peeking at an RINS mechanic (RINS Moon Island base)  *
Art by O. T. Grey - (Larger file here - 450 KBytes)

(Editor's comment: "One has to admit that Rain Island in the 1930s
is not always the ideal egalitarian society. She could use less observation,
 and more actual help moving that landing gear, Sailors.")

"Mechanics Hula" - a holiday performance - by Ken Fletcher
*  "Mechanic's Hula" - by Ken Fletcher  *
(Editor's comment - "The same RINS mechanic as above,
dancing for her team during a May Day celebration.")

Salty Stories of Aircraft Corrosion by Simon Barber
from the pulp magazine collection of Simon Barber

Superior Engineering
(links to an information page)

Visiting Mechanics
from other locations and other settings

"Vesper Jarzee: Wonder Worker" by AleutianWolf
Vesper Jarzee: Wonder Worker (larger file here - 932 Kb)
by AleutianWolf - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/aleutianwolf/

(Vesper is visiting from AleutianWolf's own dieselpunk air adventure setting,
the world of the pirate air carrier REPULSE. More info via the link above.)

"If Aleutian Dex owns the Repulse air carrier, it's Vesper Jarzee who owns
 the Hanger Deck. Repulse's Chief mechanic, she is the brains behind most of
the more innovative modifications of Aleutian Dex's pirate aircraft.
Vesper is a natural with tools, and despite being washed out of
the Imperial Aeronautic Science School, is extremely intelligent.
She has been with the Repulse from the beginning, and has a fiery spirit.
 The aerial brigands of the Repulse know her as "Mama Vee" to her face,
and "V-36 Delta" behind her back. If one knows anything about
Vee-layout aircraft engines, you will get the airplane driver parlance."

"(Vesper is also very intimate with Captain Dex, and it is no secret
that she often warms his bed. Vesper is thick in the thigh and wide in the hips,
appealing to Aleutian Dex's appreciation of "Flank Steak".)"

"She normally doesn't carry any weapons of note, usually drawing a sidearm
from the ship's armory before going ashore. However, this feisty little doe
is more then formidable in hand to hand combat, and if she doesn't
brain you with a large wrench or pry-bar, she will probably
throw a screwdriver at you with the skill of an expert knife-thrower."

(caption from AleutianWolf, at FurAffinity)

"The Hotrod Shop" - art, setting, & characters  by Aleutian Wolf
"The Hotrod Shop" - (Preia Starle using Aleutian Dex as a lift)
(larger file here - 1.2 MBytes)

by AleutianWolf - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/aleutianwolf/

(Aleutian & Preia are visiting from AleutianWolf's own dieselpunk air adventure setting,
the world of the pirate air carrier REPULSE. More info via the link above.)

"The fighter aircraft used by Aleutian Dex and his crew of Robin Hoodish pirates
are not stock by any means. Engines have been tuned, bored, injected and built.
Some have been replaced completely with more powerful and dangerous units.
This massive block is the Kestral V-16 that is on the front of Aleutian's prototype
 Sirrus Shrike. This engine is found on the massive Reaper Bombers, and in some cases
on small airships as a main engine. 2706-horsepower stock, Aleutian and Preia Starle have
 equipped this beast with a fuel injection system and a blower. The blower and
 injection into this already mean engine boosts it up to 3109 horsepower
without using nitrous injection and therefore saves the weight
 that the nitrous system would have burdened the airplane."

"The REPULSE air carrier being a pirate ship, though, sometimes there is equipment lacking
for serious aircraft maintenance, like ladders or scaffold."

(caption from AleutianWolf, at FurAffinity)
(Uploaded 19 March 2010)

The Mechanic's Assistant by Hyperfox
She wants to be a mechanic (larger size here)- art by hyperfox@comcast.net
http://www.hyperfoxstudio.com  -  home of the "By the Saints" webcomic