Spontoon Island
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Originally posted 1999
Update 19 July 2004

*  Update 18 April 2013 (Bertrille's Mission - mature) *

Religious Missionaries
in the Spontoon Archipelago

(some mature - adult situations)

The Missionary Position on Spontoon Island
(historical overview by K. Fletcher)
(edited April 2013)

Missionary work has proven difficult in this area of the North Pacific islands. With the withdrawal of
British Colonial Administration and the following loss of political and military protection, any visiting
Christian and Islamic missionaries had to answer to the rough democratic theology of the local island
populations. In the greater Archipelago area, this means that there are more surviving original native religions
(mostly from Polynesian and Coast Amerind theology),and more religious tolerance (in most cases).
A few isolated Missionary Christian (and other!) theocracies do control some Archipelago islands.
(Some of those islands are embargoed for the physical & mental safety of tourists and traders.
Please read the sections in the pamphlets that you may have received at the customs station.)

Attempts are made at times by Euro churches to establish missions in some of the other
isolated fringe islands of the Spontoon Archipelago. They often do not thrive because of
a very active interest of the Spontoon Island Althing in promoting local autonomy and
religious tolerance - which historically has conflicted with the goals of some Euro missions.

In the Spontoon Island Atoll, the Althing was much more interested in collectively constructing
a religious framework from their own local cultures than importing something pre-fabricated.
This is because the general Spontoonie population (the Althing) associates Euro churches
with active proselytizing, colonial politics, and cultural subversion.

As a result, by 1900, active Missions, Churches, Mosques, and Temples (with non-native clergy
and administration) were restricted to Casino Island (with the exception of one church
 on Meeting Island and a few inactive buildings). While Moon Island, Eastern Island, and
South Island were eventually allowed a limited Euro population, by agreement these islands have no
Euro-administered places of worship.  At the time, this was a bitter reality for the foreign missions.
By the 1930s, most of the Euro religions are willing to work within these boundaries.

Euro evangelists seeking converts are restricted to their reservation on Casino Island.
Natives who wish to be proselytized may go there for the experience. Christian, Muslim, and
other small sized & native-clergied congregations of Spontoonies are part of the Spontoon Islands,
but seem to be happy to co-exist with the widely accepted, crafted mythology of Spontoon Custom.

Brother Mulcathy dispairs.... (mature image) (Dennis Clark)

The Flying Bishop on holiday (Stu Shiffman)

The tale of
Bertrille's Mission  *
(by Dennis Clark)
(mature situations)
Upload 18 April 2013