Spontoon Island
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Pulp Adventures
Update 27 March 2014  *
**  Update 1 May 2014  **
***  Update 29 April 2015  ***

"Up To No Good" (1930s smuggler on an atoll island) by Jerry Collins - art inked by K. Fletcher
***  "Up to no good" by Jerry Collins (inking by K.Fletcher)  ***
Larger file here - (1.8 MBytes)

Air Pirates Tours - by Jerry Collins (thanks to Richard Messer for sharing this gift art)
***  Air Pirates Tours - by Jerry Collins (posted with permission)  ***
(Thanks to Rick Messer for sharing this gift art!)
Larger files here (455 KBytes) and here (2 MBytes)

"A Mad Scientist's Flying Dreadnought" ink sketch - by Jerry Collins
**  "A Mad Scientist's Flying Dreadnought" - ink sketch by Jerry Collins  **
(Larger file here - 1 MByte)

Steampunk Bunny - by L. Frank
"Steampunk Bunny" by L. Frank  *
(Larger file here - 1.3 MBytes)

Mingus Kitzelstein, bar owner & aviator - Spontoon Island world - character & art by Stu Shiffman
Mingus Kitzelstein ("Gus Kitzel") - (larger file here - 196 Kbytes)
owner of Kit's Bar (Koala, Limberger) & Mingus Air Service
character & art by Stu Shiffman
Repost 28 July 2012

Panda Air Pirate by Stuart McCarthy
Panda Air Pirate - by Stuart McCarthy
[Larger file here - 440 KBytes]

"Le Propulseur" by Chris Goodwin
"Le Propulseur" by Chris Goodwin
(larger file here - 863 KBytes)
Update 8 February 2010

"Femme Fatale" by Stuart McCarthy
"Femme Fatale" by Stuart McCarthy
(character: Alouette) (Larger file here - 1.6 MBytes)
Update 8 February 2010

"Man Hunter" by King Cheetah
"Man Hunter" by King Cheetah (Larger file here - 916 KBytes)
Update 8 February 2010

"...find some nature?" (thumbnail) - LazyPaw
"How's about we go find some nature?" by LazyPaw
(larger file here - 1 MByte)  http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lazypaw/

Dark Dobie (thumbnail) by Stuart McCarthy
**  Dark Dobie by Stuart McCarthy  **
(larger file here - 574 Kb)
Update 21 December 2009

"Neverwas" (Hotch Hotchkiss & Nauv in Steampunk costume) (thumbnail) by DreadDenimPirate
"Neverwas" (Hotch Hotchkiss & Nauv in Steampunk costume)

by DreadDenimPirate - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dreaddenimpirate/
(Larger image here)

"Wun Fang" pulp magazine cover by George Chastain
"Wun Fang" pulp magazine cover
by George Chastain

"The Maltese Mallard" - art by George Chastain - a poster may be available:

"Expedition" ©2008 by Twinkle - character rights reserved
[Larger image here]
(from his own coming adventure comic strip setting)
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/twinkle-sez/ (R-rated)

"1939" by the Brothers Grinn  ©2008 Brian & Stuart Burke
From the comic strip and cartoon archive: "Supermegatopia" http://www.supermegatopia.com/
Not often set in the 1930s, but strip is definitely a recommended island in an Alternate Universe.

Tara and Tiki in the Jungle - art by Timothy Fay

T.H. Mason, Private Eye from Noir City
Character by M. Mitchell Marmel - Art by Conrad Wong, 1993

Air Pirate Wanted Poster - by Drake TigerClaw
"Drake TigerClaw, Laura, Taipa, Sherry, Daku, the other characters and planes, are from
 the fictional universe of Wild Aces. Most of Wild Aces takes place in a world on par
with the 1920's to 1940's. The stories are mostly pulp adventures having to do with wars,
air pirates, adventurers, and other shenanigans like you might find in old comics.
The planes are loosely based on real aircraft and many of the ones drawn so far
 are produced by the fictional Sky Ordnance Co."

"The White Skull" by Roy D. Pounds II 
From his sf story, Lords of the Air. A flying tiger pilot is shot down by The White Skull -
a mysterious airplane with a mirrored canopy that challenges all in its airspace.

Laura Sheiling - famous 19th Century adventuress
character via Simon Barber; drawn by Kjartan

"Tiger Lady?!"
from Stuart McCarthy

(the legend of the 'Fire Crystal')
an anthropomorphological report by
Tim Susman & Derrick Dasenbrock

Kilowatt Kat
by J P Morgan
Kilowatt Kat Battles the Crater Lake God-Monster!

Kilowatt Kat Vs. Keyho-Raha-Raha!

"Cargo for Orpington Island!"
a picture of pulp menace from Ken Fletcher

Master Detection Conference
Casino Island 1930:
Manuscripts and Art Archives of the Conference
As illustrated by Stu Shiffman

 An Art Archive of "Broadway Barry's" Transcript
 illustrated by Stu Shiffman

Pulp Magazines!

From the collection of Simon Barber:

60-foot Ape & Bride Magazine - pulp cover by Simon Barber
Cover for "60-foot Ape & Bride Magazine" by Simon Barber  *

Cover- "Salty Stories of Aircraft Corrosion" by Simon Barber
Cover--Salty Stories of Aircraft Corrosion

Cover--Criminal World

Cover--Wierd Plumbing Aventures

Cover--Spicy Bell-hop Stories

Cover--Stirring Maitre 'd Adventures

Cover--Soldier of Misfortune

Cover--ASTOUNDING Stories of Poverty and Deprivation

Cover--Wholesome Stories from the Hays Office

Pages from Stu Shiffman's pulp magazines:

Ibn Yusf & Moritz Keppel--circa 1896
 Cotto Zalame - adventurer - circa 1911
Sam Spam
The Secret Hamster--rescue!
 The Secret Hamster--breakfast cereal premium
 Nifty Masked Avenger Stories--cover (The Secret Hamster)
 Nifty Masked Avenger Stories--interior page
The Secret Hamster spots Kilowatt Gal!
 Nifty Odd Detective Stories--cover (Sam Spam)
 Nifty Odd Detective Stories--interior (Sam Spam in Mixteca)
Don Carlos of the Bureau Mixteca
(with Sam Spam and compadres)
 Nifty South Seas--cover
 Nifty South Seas--interior page
Bernie gives introductions
The Dark Guardian and the Masked Susquatch
Agents in tropical persuits
A typical plantation manager

Rocket Rodent
at the "Pacificana"
(with Miss Mandalay, Col. Chip Ferkin USAAF, Dr. Elaine Dolan)