Spontoon Island
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First upload: 21 August 2005
*  Update 21 December 2016  *
*  Story added: "RED DORM: Red Alert" *

The Red Dorm
The adventures of one dormroom of Anti-socials and Socialists
at the Songmark Aeronautical Boarding School for Young Ladies
(Songmark Academy on the Spontoon Island Atoll)

The students of the 'Red Dorm', Songmark Academy (circa 1936-1938):
 Miss Brigit Mulvaney, of the Irish Free State (Eire)
Comrade Tatiana Bryzov, of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Citizen Liberty Morgenstern, of the People's Republic of New Haven (North America)
& (the young) Mrs. Wo Shin (Ni Shin, of the notorious Ni family of Krupmark Island)

Character Wo Shin by Walt Reimer, other characters by Simon Barber
(Tatiana released to Reese Dorrycott)

'Red Dorm': Art Archive  *
Link added 13 March 2012
Character portraits added 18 February 2014

Brigit Mulvany with Irish Flag (Red Dorm at Songmark Academy) - art by FlyingFire, character by Simon Barber
Brigit Mulvaney and the flag of Eire - art by Carrie A. Krueger  *
("FlyingFire") (Larger file here - 693 KBytes)

(commissioned by Walter D. Reimer - character by Simon Barber)

The politically incorrect adventures of the dorm in Summer 1936,
investigated by Inspector Stagg & Sgt Brush:

RED DORM & the Fire Crystal
by Simon Barber
(21 August 2005)

Wo Shin is determined to meet the Exalted Person rumored to be
passing through Spontoon Island in October 1936
RED DORM: The Case Of The Distinguished Tourist
by Simon Barber
(5 July 2006)

Liberty Morgenstern joins the political debates at the Spontoon Island
"Festival of Nations" in December 1936.  A Dialectical time is had by all.
RED DORM: Teething of a Nation
by Simon Barber

(5 July 2006)

 An educational Morning-After for the Red Dorm in the Spring of 1937.
RED DORM: Shell Game
A Red Dorm diversion by Simon Barber
(26 November 2007)

*  The Reality of Gunboat Island, Kanim Atoll  *
Autumn of 1937
RED DORM: Red Alert  *
by Simon Barber
(Posted 21 December 2016)

Mrs. Wo Shin, 'Red Dorm' student at Songmark Academy,
appears (sometimes with her dorm-mates)
 in the stories "Luck of the Dragon" by Walter D. Reimer

Luck of the Dragon: Pilgrimage
by Walter D. Reimer
Complete story features members of the Red Dorm in the Summer of 1937.
Opens to its own contents page, with 5 chapters. (First uploaded: 7 June 2008)

**  Luck of the Dragon: "Cold Comfort"  **
A Tale of Wo Shin and the 'Red Dorm' of Songmark Academy
Survival Test - Aleutian Islands - Winter 1937
Upload started 14 December 2010
(May include the occasional mature situation)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
(ending this story)
(Uploaded 24 February 2014 to Red Dorm Story Archive)

Red Dorm with Kilikiti bats by "moodyferret" - Characters by Walt Reimer & Simon Barber
The "Red Dorm" of Songmark Academy, ready for a game with their Kilikiti bats
Tatiana Bryzov, Brigit Muvaney, Wo Shin, Libery Morgenstern
Art by "MoodyFerret" - http://us.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/MoodyFerret
  Larger-sized version of this image.

commissioned by Walter D. Reimer (1 August 2008)