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  Upload: 30 April 2010

A Rain Island movie serial:
The Adventures of Rocket Rat

Chapter 5:  “CAVERN OF DOOM”

Rocket Rat splash page - art by Rusty Haller
Lt. Jack Carr, Capt. Rod Stone (Rocket Rat), & Dr. Jane Red Deer
(click here for larger image) - Art by Rusty Haller - http://www.aceandqueenie.com/

The Adventures of Rocket Rat
A Rain Island movie serial - A Screenplay

© 2009 by Walter D. Reimer

Rain Coast Communications Syndicate




(Series 1:  “THE MINES OF THE MOON”)
(Chapter 5:  “CAVERN OF DOOM”)

Release Date:  11 May 1938

Captain Rod Stone (Rocket Rat). . Raining Sky
Lord Myu . . . . . . . . . . . . .Carl Jackson
Princess Solara . . . . . . . . . Lucy Hart
Lt. Jack Carr . . . . . . . . . . Miles Eckhardt
Dr. Jane Red Deer . . . . . . . . Michelle Stonebridge
Sgt. Alec Smart . . . . . . . . . Edwin Smith
Kat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sheila McCann
Nip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Amy Mitchell
Borgas . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Striding Buck

Producer:  Clive Schmidt
Director:  Ernest Two Fingers

Production Unit #3:  W.D. Reimer, M.M. Marmel

Technical Adviser:  E.O. Costello

Music:  Musician’s Local #15

MUSIC:    Fanfare

CARD:    Full screen card depicting the predatory seabird (petrel) symbol against an idealized background of mountains, forest and sea.  The petrel is backlit by a sunburst.



MUSIC:    March

CLIP:    Stock film clip of Rocket Rat in full armor in flight



CARD:    Underground city with an open-pit mine in the foreground; several lights on in the buildings.



CARD:    Stock still of the interior of Lord Myu’s inner sanctum, various blinking lights on the control panels to the right and center by his throne; his invisible ray machine is pointed out the open window to the right.


MUSIC:  Incidental

CARD:    Stock still of Rocket Rat, helmet under one brawny arm, looking past the viewer’s right into the far distance.  He wears an aluminized leather rocket suit, with the controls on his gauntlets.  His expression is stern, as befits a hero.

CAPTION:  Rocket Rat, having pursued the henchmen of the evil Lord Myu deep into the moon mines, has been captured and sentenced to death by Lord Myu himself.  Now, with Princess Solara and the brave Borgas looking on helplessly, Lord Myu turns the thermal ray machine upon our helpless hero . . .


SOUND:    Prolonged Theremin tone, high pitched (the thermal ray machine)

MUSIC:    Thermal ray theme (Theremin solo)

CUT TO:    Interior of the dungeon beneath Lord Myu’s lair.  Captain Rod Stone (Rocket Rat), stripped of his rocket pack, suit, helmet and control gauntlets, is chained by the wrists to a rock face.  He is struggling against his bonds, his naked rodent’s tail thrashing.  His Global Police uniform is ripped to show his chest.  He looks to his left and struggles harder. 

CUT TO:   We see what he’s struggling to avoid.  A line of fire is etching its way across the rock face toward Stone as the deadly ray’s effect can be seen.  The effect is caused by a line of slow-burning powder.

CUT TO:    Princess Solara (a curly-furred spaniel), the true ruler of the Moon, and Borgas (a burly grizzly), her friend and leader of the miners, watch in horror as the line of fire draws ever nearer.  Solara (Lucy Hart) is dressed in what appears to be a kimono made of strips of gauzy silk, secured at the waist and shoulders, short shorts of a lamè material and (because she is, after all, the hereditary heiress to the Throne of the Moon) two bangles on her upper arms and a tiara.  Borgas (Striding Buck) is dressed in a short kilt, a leather harness crisscrossing his chest and boots.  They cannot run to his rescue because they are watching from a cell overlooking the place of execution.  Tight shot on Princess Solara as she places a paw to her mouth, her eyes wide in terror.

Rod!  NO!




Rod!  NO!

Stone sees her and struggles all the harder, glancing up to watch the line of fire’s progress against the rock.  Suddenly he notices that as he tugs with his right paw, the chain holding his left paw shortens.  He dips his shoulder and tries to use his bootheels to climb up the rock face, offering a chain to the greedy fire instead of his neck.

CUT TO:    Tight shot of Solara and Borgas looking on and sudden hope rises.

CUT TO:    Close up of Stone’s face, features showing strain as he maneuvers to avoid the deadly ray.

CUT TO:    The line of the ray’s progress intersects the chain, and it parts.  Stone drops to the ground, the chain following him.  Tight shot on Stone’s face as he grins.  Rocket Rat is loose!

MUSIC:    Fight music

CUT TO:    Shot of two of Myu’s henchmen reacting and racing to attack the rat before he can make good his escape.  Stone holds them off by swinging the length of chain still manacled to one paw, then closing in and trading punches until one, then the other go down.

CUT TO:      Solara and Borgas reacting to this.  Solara flings her arms around Borgas and kisses him, a gesture that is returned with some enthusiasm.

Solara!  Borgas!  Stay there; I’m coming for you!

Stone rummages through the fallen henchmen’s uniforms until he finds the key to his manacles.  Freeing himself he runs out of shot to the left, headed for the cells.

CUT TO:    Interior shot of the cell, Borgas and Solara are in each other’s arms; they separate as sounds of a fight come from behind the locked door.

Tight shot on Borgas’ face, set in grim determination.

Tight shot on Solara’s face, looking frightened but equally determined.

The fight sounds outside the cell subside; the door swings open to reveal Rod Stone looking very disheveled and his uniform shirt torn almost away (displaying his chest even more).

Rod!  You’re all right!

A little shook up.  That thermal ray’s a killer.  Now to find my flying suit and weapons.  Borgas, any idea where Lord Myu might have taken them?

I think I heard him talking about taking them to his laboratory.

Any idea where that is?

It’s in a secret chamber behind the Throne Room.  Father used to use it to conduct private meetings.  I can take you to it; I know the way.

Good.  Borgas, are you coming with us?

No, Captain Stone.  I must head into the mines.  My people are ripe for revolt, and you being free will give us the spark we need.

Rod, you go on ahead.  I must talk to Borgas for a moment.

Don’t take too long.

Stone moves to the cell entrance, looks warily out of the doorway and moves on into the hallway.

Borgas, must you go, really?

I must, my Princess.  My place is with the workers, as Captain Stone says.  He has given us the example we need to shake off our chains.  I must tell them that the time to strike is now.  I am sure he will look after you, my Princess.

Please, brave Borgas . . .

Borgas takes her paws in his and kisses them while looking deeply into her eyes.

Solara . . . you will always be *my* Princess.  Now, let us go and strike a blow for freedom.

Solara and Borgas run from the cell.

CUT TO:    Interior shot of the hallway.  Stone is crouching beside one of the unconscious guards, going through the pockets of his kilt.  He comes up with a blaster pistol and sticks it in his belt.  Another pistol is already in his back pocket.  He looks up as Solara and Borgas enter the shot.

I found a couple pistols.  Are you two ready to go?

There is a banging sound from an adjoining cell.

Hey!  What about me!?

Oops, almost forgot.  Sorry, Jack.

Stone opens the cell, and Lt. Carr runs out.  The slim badger’s uniform is in disarray.

Thanks, Rod.  It was getting stuffy in there.  Now, where are we going?

The only place you’re going, Jack, is back to the ship.  I want you to get it fixed and ready to go as soon as I get there.  We need to get back to Earth.

CARR (saluting):
She’ll be hot and tight, Rod.

Stone gives him one of the guards’ pistols, and Carr runs out of shot to the left.

We are ready.  The Gods look after you, Captain Stone.

Where I’m from, Borgas, we think the gods are usually up to no good.  It’s what *people* do that counts.  Let’s go!

Stone and Solara take off down one branch of the hallway, leaving Borgas alone.

His ways are strange, but what he says is right.  The people must decide their own way!

Borgas runs out of shot.



Interior shot of the Throne Room, a minimalist affair except for the Throne itself which wouldn’t have been out of place at Versailles.  Several curtained windows look out over the fields, the town and the mines (scenery dressings). 
The Evil Lord Myu (Carl Jackson) and his two aides sweep in.  The Lord, a powerfully built lynx, is wearing what could be described as light armor on his arms and legs and a leotard covering the rest of him, shorts, boots and a cape.  He also wears a gaudy combination of a crown and helmet. 
Myu is accompanied by his two henchwomen, Kat and Nip.  Kat (Sheila McCann) and Nip (Amy Mitchell) are both lynxesses; both are wearing matching leotards and the same type of silk kimono we saw Solara wearing earlier.
Myu takes a seat on the Throne, visibly angry.

Curse that stupid Earthman!  What does it take to kill him!

Master, shouldn’t we - ?

We will, my devoted slave.  Come!

Myu stands up and flourishes his cape, wrapping it around his shoulders.

We must get to the laboratory.  That wretched rodent will undoubtedly be headed there to collect his equipment.

But how can he know about your laboratory, Lord?

That little troublemaker Solara has been helping him, Kat.

The three head for the door only to recoil as Rocket Rat confronts them.

CLOSE UP of Rocket Rat in his full armor but without his helmet.  His paws are on his hips, and he gestures, pointing an accusing finger at Myu.

That’s right, Myu!  And with her help and the help of the workers of this planet your reign of terror will be over!

So, Earthman!  I see you have your precious flying suit once more.  It will not help you in the slightest!  (laughs)  Where is that foolish little Princess – cringing behind some cabinet, no doubt!

Solara emerges from behind Stone.

I’m right here, Myu!  My father was a fool for allowing you to take over the kingdom from him!  But with this Earthman’s help I shall take it back, in the name of the people!

(contemptuous tone) In the name of the people!  (laughs) You’re right, Solara, your father was a fool – which is why I killed him, with my own two paws!  And you’re a bigger fool than he ever was, for trusting in that rabble down in the mines!  But for you and your alien friend I shall not sully myself.  Kat!  Nip!  Kill them!

With pleasure, Master.

I’ll use your blood to paint my claws, you rat.

We’ll see about that, you two.

The two women and Stone move to the center of the room and start a complicated series of fighting moves; punches and kicks are a major feature, along with wrestling holds and even a few jiu-jitsu moves.  Stone gives as good as he gets, concentrating on Kat, the larger of the two women.

Solara charges at Myu and the two also fight, but she is clearly overmatched by the larger feline.  She is reduced to sparring with him at a distance, avoiding his claws while trying to prevent his escape. 

MUSIC:  Fight music

Kat lunges at Stone, who grabs her by one wrist and flings her at the nearest window.  She hits the sill and falls out of the opening.

Exterior shot of Kat hanging by her paws from the window.


Tight shot on Stone as he realizes to his horror that she might be killed.  He fends off another attack from Nip, knocking her down before racing to the window.

Close up on Stone.

Here!  Take my paw!

Close up on Kat, looking up at him wild-eyed.  Should she trust her enemy?  The background of the shot is a matte painting showing the town far below.

She hesitates, then grabs at his paw.  He hauls her up and back into the room.

Interior, Throne Room.  Kat pants, paws on knees.  She looks up at Stone, then at Nip who is starting to stir.  Myu has been working his way closer to the door, and his escape.

I suppose I should thank you, Earthman.  But now I hear my Master calling me.  Come on, Nip!  We’re leaving!

Nip gets to her feet and she and Kat run to the door, knocking Solara down in passing.  The two women and Lord Myu exit the room as Stone goes to Solara’s aid.

Solara!  Are you all right?

I – I think so, Rod.  B-But Lord Myu –

Stone looks away from her, toward the open doorway.  There is a mechanical sound, followed by a whooshing noise.  The rat’s face is stern.

Drat my better impulses.  He’s gotten away.  Any idea where he might have gone?

There are thousands of miles of sub-lunar railways . . . but he might have gone to get his Thermal Ray.  Now that he knows the miners will revolt he won’t hesitate to use it.

And Borgas will lead the miners and the rest of the people straight here.  Are you able to help me?

Of course.


He helps her to her feet.

Try to get word to Borgas before they head here and straight into a trap!  I’m going to get my helmet and go after him.

Stone goes to leave; Solara grabs at his sleeve.

Close up on Solara as she looks up into his face.

Take care, Earthman.

Stone smiles, gives a nod and a reassuring squeeze of her paws and exits.  Solara watches him go, then runs out of the Throne Room via the main entrance.

Exterior shot of Throne Room entrance; two guards flank the doorway.


Guards, come with me.  We must get a warning to the people!

She breaks into a run and they hurry after her.




Interior shot of the mines, with a crowd of Miners and Villagers, some carrying lit torches, are listening attentively to Borgas speak.  Borgas is gesturing as he speaks earnestly, not needing to stand on a nearby rock.

Now, my brothers and sisters!  Now is the time to cast away Lord Myu’s dictatorship and take our world back!

MAN 1:
Who will rule us in his place, Borgas?

We will rule, my friend!  The real power of the Moon lies in all of us, not in just one person or group of people, but in all of the people.

What will Princess Solara say?  She is the rightful heir.

Solara is with us, and she will abide by what we decide to do, my sister.  But first we need to march on the Palace
and overthrow the evil Lord Myu!

The crowd members look at each other, muttering, then nodding to show assent and finally cheering; cries of “Down with Myu!” and “Power to the People!” can be heard as the crowd shoulders their tools and follow Borgas out of shot.

CUT TO:  Village scene, the Palace wall in the background.  Soldiers rush out of the Palace, left, to try and resist the advance of the people who enter, right.  The soldiers fight with their truncheons while the people lay about them with whatever they have at paw.

MUSIC:  Fight music, along with the ‘people’ theme heard in Chapter 1 

CLOSE UP on Borgas, who lifts one soldier and throws him at a trio of soldiers who are trying to get a weapon mounted on a small cart to bear on the crowd; they go down in a heap and some of the villagers cluster around the weapon.

Come, my brothers and sisters!  The Palace will be ours!

CUT TO:  Interior shot of Myu’s hiding place in the high tower of the Palace.  The lynx is readying the thermal ray gun.  Distant crowd noises show that the fight is continuing as he moves the ray to the open window.

The Palace will be yours, eh?  I may have something to say about that.

Myu presses the triggers on the thermal ray.

SOUND:    Prolonged Theremin tone, high pitched (the thermal ray machine)

P.O.V. SHOT out of open window at the fight taking place below; effect using a negative scratch to show the beam of the thermal ray as it is fired. 

CUT TO a part of the fight scene, one of the villagers screams as a smoking hole appears in his chest (effect caused by a tiny squib and talcum powder); he falls and the crowd reacts.  Screams as the people surge away from the dead man.

Tight shot on Borgas.

Take heart, brothers and sisters!

Another P.O.V. shot of the thermal ray in use; same sound and effects used.

People cower back as the ray strikes the ground (squib used for shot effect).

(Laughs diabolically)

Tight shot on one villager, who looks up and points.

MAN 2:

Everyone looks at him, then look up at the sky.  Crowd reactions range from shock to hope to joy.

MUSIC:  Rocket Rat theme

SOUND:  Whooshing sound and sound of the rocket pack

Stock effect shot showing Rocket Rat flying through the sky.

Close up on Rocket Rat.  His blaster pistol is in his right paw as he flies.

CUT TO:  Interior of Myu’s lair, tight shot on Myu as he reacts in consternation at the appearance of his foe.  He recoils, left arm raised in a warding-off gesture, before lowering it and his features change from fright to a stony frown.  He moves to the window and lifts the thermal ray’s sights.

Die, you rat!

MUSIC:  Fight music interwoven with Rocket Rat theme

SOUND:  Thermal ray sound; rocket pack sound; sound of Rocket Rat’s blaster pistol (distorted blank pistol shot)

EFFECTS:  Negative scratches showing the beams cast by the blaster pistol and the thermal ray

The scene changes to a series of rapid cuts and close-ups.  Lord Myu snarling as he fires the thermal ray, his P.O.V. as he’s shooting at Rocket Rat, and the crowd below taking heart and prevailing over the soldiers, some of whom now either run or join the rebellion.  There is also stock footage of Rocket Rat flying, and several P.O.V. shots from his perspective as he swoops down on the Castle and fires at Lord Myu (models are used for this footage).

CLOSE UP on a gauge on the side of the thermal ray, as a needle climbs up to a clearly-marked danger zone; the Theremin sound of the ray changes to a deeper tone. 

Cut back to the battle as the rebels reach the gates of the Castle and gain entrance.

CUT TO:  Tight shot of Lord Myu, with the steadily moving gauge in the foreground as the needle passes the danger zone.

Curse you, Rocket Rat!  I’ll kill you if it’s the last thing I do!

Myu continues firing, as smoke starts to rise from the thermal ray; too late he realizes what’s going on and recoils, his right paw coming up to shield his face.

CUT TO:  Aerial P.O.V. shot of the Castle as the tower from which Lord Myu’s been firing explodes.

CUT TO:  The crowd of rebels in the Castle courtyard; they look up and start cheering.

Tight shot on Borgas, fur mussed and limping slightly.

Lord Myu has lost!  Now, brothers and sisters!  To the Castle!

Borgas and the people rush in, overpowering the guards who no longer have the stomach to fight.

MUSIC:  ‘People’ theme, triumphant variation




Interior shot of the Castle, at the entrance to the Throne Room; the camera dollies forward to show a guard and a woman carrying a shovel flanking the door.  As the camera dollies forward they open the door to show the Throne Room crowded with a mixture of miners, villagers and soldiers.

CUT TO:  The dais in the Throne Room; the Throne is empty, with Princess Solara standing behind it and Borgas standing to her right.  Rocket Rat, helmet off, stands to their left with one foot on the dais and one foot on the floor, his tail holding his helmet.

MUSIC:  ‘People’ theme

SOUND:  Crowd noise, muted

People of the Moon, no longer will you be ruled only by my family.  The power of this world rests with you, and it is for you to decide who will lead you.


We want Borgas!

Borgas raises his paws and takes a step forward.  He clearly looks distressed.

Brothers!  Sisters!  I cannot accept!  I’m just a plain miner, and have been all my life.  What do I know about leading?

The crowd mutters, clearly unconvinced.  Tight shot on Stone, who smiles at Borgas.

Don’t look now, Borgas, but I think you’ve done a good job so far.

Borgas clearly appears grumpy about it.  He looks sourly at Stone.

I’m not so sure I like this anymore, Earthman.

Borgas turns to the crowd.

I have a condition, if you insist on making me your leader.  That condition is to have a council beside me, to be my equals and whose voices I shall listen to in all things.  Are we agreed?

The crowd mutters, with much nodding going on.

Who will be on this council, Borgas?

There will be one person from the mines, one from the villages – one from every part of our society, along with Princess Solara.

That sounds wise, Borgas.  Hail Borgas!

Hail Borgas!

Solara comes out from behind the Throne and lays a paw on Borgas’ arm.  Tight shot on them both.

You – you want me on your council as well, Borgas?

Borgas lays his free paw on hers and smiles at her.

Of course, my Princess.  If you agree, I wish you would be at my side forever.

Solara realizes he’s proposing marriage and smiles, looking as if she’s about to cry.

Stone’s tail gives his helmet to his paws and he tucks it under his arm. 

I will be going now, to make my report to the Global Police.

Will you return, Earthman?

If I’m needed, Borgas.  If Lord Myu or any other authoritarian raises his or her ugly head on this world or any other.  I’ve placed a radio in the room behind the Throne, so you can call on the Global Police for advice
or if an emergency arises.

We owe you a great debt.  But do you really think Lord Myu is still alive?

His kind never really dies off, Princess.  Stay strong, People of the Moon!

Stone puts on his helmet to the cheers of the crowd; Solara and Borgas look on as he walks to the open window.  CLOSE UP on Rocket Rat’s gauntlets as he adjusts knobs; then he makes a leap at the window.

CUT TO:  Model shot of Rocket Rat flying from the Castle.

MUSIC:  Rocket Rat theme

SOUND:  Whooshing sound of the rocket pack; wind noises

CUT TO:  Exterior, day.  The shot is at the same location where the Global Police spaceship sits ready (Johnston Quarry). 
Lt. Jack Carr sits in the open hatchway, wiping his paws with a rag.  He looks up.

SOUND:  Whooshing sound

CLOSE UP on Carr, who breaks into a wide grin.

CUT TO:  Rocket Rat landing (effect caused by having stunt man jump off a ladder or out of a tree).  Stone takes off his helmet as Carr walks up to him.

Hi, Rod!  Everything work out okay?

Yes, Jack.  I think that we can leave now.  The destiny of this world is in the paws of its people, as it should be.

Think we’ll ever have to come back?  It looks like a nice place.

Stone grins and pats Carr on the shoulder.

Maybe we can stop by sometime.  Right now, though, we need to get back to Earth and report on the spaceship’s performance.

And face the wrath of Dr. Red Deer.

What do you mean by that?

The badger grins easily.

Well, you scratched the paint on landing.

They both start laughing as they head to the waiting ship.

CUT TO:  Wide shot of the spaceship’s hatch closing, and the rocket engines starting (effect caused by smoke ducted at pressure from the stern tubes).

CUT TO:  Model set showing the ship taking off and rising into the sky.

MUSIC:  Rocket Rat theme

SOUND:  Rockets



Matte painting, exterior shot of a small fortress, high up in the mountains.

CUT TO:  Interior shot of a laboratory, with lots of technical equipment – neon tubes, exposed plumbing, gauges, lights and oscilloscopes.  Lord Myu is seated at a table, wearing a mask over his face and his right arm in a sling.  He obviously didn’t escape without injury.  He is studying a sheaf of papers.

His ears perk as he heard rocket sounds, and he glances toward the window.

CUT TO:  Stock footage of model effect – Spaceship flying through the sky.

Yes, go away, foolish Earthman!  Go, with my curse!  You think you have destroyed me, but this is only a minor setback.  I shall rule this world despite you and the so-called power of the people!  (laughs)

MUSIC:  Lord Myu theme, sinister and dirge-like variation



MUSIC:  Concluding fanfare

CARD:    Stock card showing the Global Police rocket flying to the Earth.

CAPTION:    The End (Font:  Paramount)


CARD:    Theater card showing (left to right) Carr, Stone and Red Deer


MUSIC:  Concluding fanfare


the end
of this movie serial

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