Spontoon Island
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First posted 12 April 2012

Flag of the Russian Empire-In-Exile - Update 8 August 2017
Vostokiye Zemlya
[Vostok Island]

Geographic and cultural notes by various contributors

Northern Pacific (Nimitz Sea) in the Spontoon Island setting - cartography by Taral Wayne
cartography by Taral Wayne - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saara/

After the Russian Revolutions beginning in 1917, the Russian nobility,
their political supporters, loyalist military, servants, and fellow refugees
were driven out of the Russian mainland. The large Russian colonial islands
of Vostokiye Zemlya became the 'White Russian' isle of refuge and exile.

(small version) Flage of the Russian Empire-in-Exile (on the Vostok Islands) (circa 1919 to present time) - Design & art by Walter D. Reimer
Flag of the Russian Empire-in-Exile (on the Vostok Islands), North Pacific
(circa 1919 to present). Design & art by Walter D. Reimer
Larger file here (1.6 MBytes)

Ruled by remnants of the most conservative of the nobility, and constantly
 threatened by Soviet Russian espionage, economic competition, and military action,
the Vostok Islands are one of the more paranoid & repressive regimes in the world.

With abundant coal, oil, & minerals, and a desperate population of
natives and refugees, Vostok Island has industrialized and re-armed its rulers
to a remarkable degree - enough to be an industrial powerhouse in the Pacific.

Here are some sample visits into Vostokiye culture from our contributors....

The Dark Guardian & the Masked Sasquatch on Vostok Island, 1936 - by Stu Shiffman
The Dark Guardian & the Masked Sasquatch, 1936 - by Stu Shiffman

The misadventures of an American museum expedition to Vostok in 1935
by Stu Shiffman

Saint Anna (of Vostok Island) - art by Blackdragon-sama
Saint Anna (of Vostok Island)
(larger file here - 4 MBytes)
illustration by Blackdragon-sama

(A commentary on Saint Anna (and her Order), by Walter Reimer, is here)

Simon Barber's stories of the students of the Songmark Aeronautical Academy
have featured educational trips to the Vostok Islands:

Amelia Bourne-Phipps and her dorm-mates in:
-"Tsar Trek"-

(Winter Holidays)
18 December, 1935
27 December, 1935
1 January, 1936

Also, Nancy Rote, and her 'Crusader Dorm'
begin a trip to Vostok during Easter, 1937:
"Surfing Safari"