Spontoon Island
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Update 7 October 2007
Update with earlier art: 25 September 2007
Update 23 September 2007
Selected Art Archive from 2007
Drifted up onto the beaches of Spontoon Atoll

"The White Skull" by Roy D. Pounds II
"The White Skull" by Roy D. Pounds II
"Moreau" by Dark Aldebaran
"Moreau" by Dark Aldebaran http://www.furaffinity.net/user/darkaldebaran/
Sea rescue by patrol boat
Sea rescue by patrol boat by Ken Fletcher
Nancy & Alpha Rote
Nancy & Alpha Rote say farewell as they go to seperate dorms at Songmark Academy.
Art by Kjartan; characters by Simon Barber.
"Jungle Vixen" (thumbnail art) - by Red-Dog (as 'Tamen' 2007)
"Jungle Vixen" by Red-Dog (as 'Tamen') - 2007 - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/red-dog/

"Belle the Cat" nose art from Douglas A-20 Havoc flown by CPT James McChatten, USAAF, 
3d Bombardment Group, Charters Towers, Australia, 1943-44.
Art by capntsubasa, capntsubasa@hotmail.com,
CapTusaba2 Mature Image
"Mousey Parade" pulp magazine cover, May 1944.  Art by capntsubasa.
capntsubasa@hotmail.com, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/capntsubasa
Sunbather on floatplane by Wolfie DarkWolfie
"Sunbather on Floatplane" Art by Wolfie DarkWolfie.
Panda AirPirate by Stuart McCarthy
"Chinese panda air pirate". Art by Stuart McCarthy.
Coconut Collector by Henbe
Coconut-collecting tourist. Art by Henbé,artist for the webcomic "Fifine" http://fifine.purrsia.com. Artist's art archive: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/henbe/
Ace & Queenie poster by Rusty Haller
Ace and Queenie promotional poster. Art by Rusty Haller.
Ciimb (Molly & Amelia) by Simon Barber
"Climb" with helpful coaching. (Molly & Amelia from Songmark Academy.) Art by Simon Barber.
Torch singer art by Alicia Boros
by Tark
"Those Air Pirates" by Ratiries
"Tikiman" by Brad Foster
Swim Suits circa 1933 (Soft Drink ad) by Ken Fletcher