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Page first uploaded 7 April 2011
*  Update 20 November 2017  *

visiting aircaft
[from other settings]
art archive of a 1920's through 1945 flavor
[including pulp-story & dieselpunk]

Original designed aircraft
[from other story settings, including alternate Earths]

*  From Yury Milovidov  *
(Upload 22 October 2017 - Moved to this page 20 November 2017)

[Editorial note from Ken Fletcher]
(This fictional original-design aircraft is from the "Atlantic Republic", a shared-setting
speculation, writing, & art - It is a 'dieselpunk' alternate-world setting centered
nd the 1930s, with the Atlantic Republic established on a chain of island
running approximately north-south in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.)

"Passenger Amphibian" (seaplane) from the "Atlantic Republic" shared dieselpunk setting - by Yuri Milovidov
"Passenger Amphibian" ('Capella' seaplane) by Yury Milovidov
Larger file here (1.7 MBytes) - https://yurymilovidov.deviantart.com/

[Caption by the designer & artist, Yury Milovidov]
"...'Capella' was the most built aircraft of the Starsky Aircraft Corporation of
the Atlantic Republic. Designed in the early 1930's, this amphibian flying-boat
quickly occupied the niche between small personal seaplanes carrying only
 one or two passengers, and large transatlantic airliners that were too
expensive to operate on medium-range archipelago routes. Relatively
low cost of production (thanks to lots of cheap steel tubing in the
structure) and easy maintenance (pretty much any mechanic who could
work on a single-seat seaplane was able to deal with these rugged aircraft),
let alone excellent seaworthiness and pleasing piloting, drove sales through
the roof. Soon enough the ubiquitous "Capella" became a symbol
 of both Starsky's firm and the archipelago air transport in general."

[Editorial note from Ken Fletcher]
(The Atlantic Republic is also the alternate world setting
for the aircraft by lnago (LNAGO), as seen further down
a few entries on this Visiting Aircraft page....)

From A. E. Karnes

"Chasing Miazaki II" - by A. E. Karnes - The Aerial Jaunts of the Old World.
"Chasing Miyazaki II" - by A. E. Karnes
Larger file here (1.2 MBytes) - http://paxaeternum.deviantart.com/
"The Aerial Jaunts of the Old World"

From Dan Salgues, an artist in France:
(more of his aircraft images here - opens to a separate Spontoon webpage)

(Update 18 February 2014)
(Update 23 June 2014)

Tales of the Airpost:"Docked Seaplane."
by Daniel Salgues - (Larger file here - 756 KBytes) - (Largest file here - 2.2 MBytes)
(Update 23 June 2014)

Carandian Navy Sea TigerCat Mk 1 - by Daniel Salgues ("dan338")
"Carandian Navy Sea TigerCat Mk 1"
by Daniel Salgues - (Larger file here - 1.1 MBytes)

From Markku Immonen, an artist in Finland:

"Whale - ho-ink" (floatplane) by Markku Immonen
"Whale - ho-ink" (floatplane)  - (larger file here - 3.4 MBytes)
by Markku Immonen  maketsu.deviantart.com
"As their plane is experiencing engine problems, one pig is trying to lighten the load
by tossing away the cargo of beer cases, while the other one tries to save at least one."

(From Maketsu's own story setting)

From "lnago" (LNAGO), an artist in Russia:

Morskoy 'Ezh' (Sea-X) Chaparral Seaplane - by lnago
The Chaparral Aircraft <Morskoy 'Ezh'> ("Sea-X") - (Larger file here - 669 KBytes)
by lnago (Lnago) http://lnago.livejournal.com/
A purpose-designed sea-corsair floatplane, marketed for solo airpirates preying on yachts.
(Reposted from his Live Journal - 25 June 2010)

From the world of the Atlantic Republic: Where a region of warm seas and numerous islands
is the home of the slightly misplaced Chaparral Aircraft Company, begun by the brothers
Carlo and Giuseppe Stromboni.

Air Piracy had appeared and had recently changed. The network of routes for cargo and
passenger dirigibles filled with valuable loads and rich passengers had attracted the air pirates.
Because of the success of the early airpirate raids, now the armed aircraft of dashing war veterans
guarded the airships. The seizure of dirigibles was now only likely to be accomplished by
the most well-armed and organized airpirate gangs.

Lone entrepreneur airpirates turned to look at the cradle of piracy, the sea.
Leisure ships of the newly rich professional class, yachts of millionaires with golden cabins --
these became the favorite targets of the lone corsairs in seaplanes. Here and there in the islands
there was a new demand for all sorts of seaplanes and amphibian aircraft. Yet, if a sea-wolf
attempted to buy a proper new seaplane from a state navy aircraft factory,
 there would be no proper certificates for a requisition (and perhaps uncomfortable questions)...
and perhaps even those new aircraft were not well-designed for this specialized job: Piracy. 
So small new aircraft companies began to appear, similar to the Chaparral Aircraft Company.

"Presenting the best in its specialized class: prepared for the new gentlemen of success:
The "Morskoy 'Ezh'" (the Sea-'X') from the Chaparral Company!"

Side view Chaparral 'Morskoy Ezh' (thumbnail) by lnago (LNAGO)
Morskoy 'Ezh' side view (plan view) - (Larger file here - 611 KBytes)
by lnago (Lnago)

A floatplane designed for a solo airpirate pilot (perhaps co-operating with a few partners
in similar seaplanes). The target prey are small private yachts with expensive booty,
without effective air defenses. Weapons include 6 fixed machine guns in the wings
(maybe with a gun replaced by a small automatic cannon) and possibly 2 torpedoes
launched from the main central float. There is a special storage area for loot (in front
of the pilot's cockpit), and additional luggage area in the main float.

(from journal comments by 'lnago' - with a very approximate translation by

Alta Vista 'BabelFish' and edited by Ken Fletcher)

(From the shared-world setting of the "Atlantic Republic",)

which is set in the 1920s & 1930s, and features humans on island nations along
the ocean regions of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. And air pirates.)

"Sea Bear" air pirate floatplane (thumbnail) by lnago (Lnago)
A visiting seaplane: The "Sea Bear" air-pirate floatplane
by lnago (Lnago) http://lnago.livejournal.com/ - larger art file here - 545 Kbytes
(The "Sea Bear" is visiting from the shared-world setting of the "Atlantic Republic",)

The "Sea Bear" (Russian language: "Morskoy Medved") seaplane: A heavy-attack torpedo-bomber
floatplane design used by air pirates to attack shipping vessels. In the fuselage are two motors,
side-by-side, with reducing gears that revolve one large-diameter pusher propeller.

"...This aircraft design is very simple and basic. The 'Sea Bear' participates in the pirate attacks
on vessels, which are by no means defenseless. In these interceptions the airplane can be shot-up
(collecting its share of lead), and so needs periodic repair. It is understood that the first priorities
for high quality repairs are to the aircraft's structural framework, and to the wings and control surfaces.
Elegant repairs and details for the cabin can wait...this is the the stage you see in this 'Sea Bear'."
(from a journal comment by 'lnago' - with a very approximate translation by
Alta Vista 'BabelFish' and Ken Fletcher)

(In the Russian language, "Morskoy Medved" is one of the names for the Polar Bear)

From "AleutianWolf ", an artist in the USA

Aleutian Dex's 'Warshrike' (3 views) (thumbnail) by Aleutian Wolf
Aleutian Dex's "Warshrike" (3 views) - by AleutianWolf
(larger file here - 740 Kbytes)
(From AleutianWolf's own dieselpunk air adventure setting,
the world of the pirate air carrier REPULSE. More info via the link above.)

Sirrus Fighter Model 040 - Designation "Warshrike"
Number in service: 1 (prototype) - Status: Stolen, In Pirate Service
Powerplant: Proposed 1400 Horsepower Imperial Typhoon type Radial.
Currently fitted with a 3100 Horsepower V-16 Kestral Type liquid cooled engine.
Top Speed: 600+ KPH
Ceiling: 37000 feet
Fuel: Hydroscaline
Weapons: Four wing mounted .70 Caliber "Leviathan" type machine cannon, 500 rounds per gun.
Notable Pilots: Aleutian Dex (581 kills)

Seline's FL-27 'Spectre' (3 views) (thumbnail) - by Aleutian Wolf
SelineTigan's Ironwing FL-27 'Spectre' (3 views) - by AleutianWolf
(larger file here - 710 KBytes)
(From AleutianWolf's own dieselpunk air adventure setting,
the world of the pirate air carrier REPULSE. More info via the link above.)

Ironwing FL-27 - Designation: 'Spectre'
Number in service: 437
Status: Several Examples used by pirate factions;
most are employed with the Imperial Ashcaran Aerial Militia.
Powerplant: Ironclaw Industries V-1896 "Swordfish" type Inverted V-12.
Top speed: 480 KPH
Ceiling: 49000 feet
Fuel: Hydroscaline
Weapons: Two wing mounted .50 Caliber "Raker" Type machine guns,
Two nose mounted .55 Caliber "Mantis" type machine guns,
one 20mm "Graves" Cannon firing through the prop hub.
Notable Pilots: Keen Grath (221 Kills), Bekke Harmish (146 kills), Seline "Moth" Tigan (267 kills)

"Deck Diving" (thumbnail) by Aleutian Wolf
  "Deck Diving" by AleutianWolf - (larger file here - 633 Kbytes)

(A scene from AleutianWolf's own dieselpunk air adventure setting,
the world of the pirate air carrier REPULSE. More info via the link above.)

"Aleutian Dex and D'Nyel Lakara out on patrol, when Aleutian decides to play a game of tag.
Tip over on a wing and rack the throttle to the wall. Thousands of feet race past,
the wind roaring over open cockpits. Altimeters spin like crazy as they plummet,
airspeed making the planes shake. The two pilots look at each other, then push the noses down more.
Two gleeful children, pedaling the fastest before they have to turn their bikes around."

From Arthur Filloy, an artist in Australia

Tupolev TU-116-K 'Cod Piece' seaplane by Arthur Filloy

Tupolev TU-116-K "Cod Piece" (larger file here - 332 Kbytes)
by Arthur Filloy - http://drawnpatrol.blogspot.com/

(A visiting 1950s Russian floatplane, from Arthur's fantasy setting.)
"The "Grom" as it was called, meaning "thunder", was undeniably an awesome aircraft indeed.
Designed specifically for the "Morskaya Aviatsiya" (Soviet Naval Air Service), as a fighter/
strike aircraft in the Bering Sea Campaign. The Grom soon became a tactical favorite.
Enhanced by the warmed-up 2.300 Hp. Klimov engine and armed with twin 75mm. cannon,
 this seaplane was a tough and versatile opponent against the Imperial Japanese Navy."

Ensworth Ensign aircraft (thumbnail) by Arthur Filloy
Ensworth Ensign - as depicted by Arthur Filloy.
A British military aircraft of the 1940s: "Maritime patrol & anti-shipping"

(From the blog: Drawn Patrol: Recommended for its cartooned aircraft.
With aircraft drawn by Arthur Filloy and his fellow animator, Simon O'Leary,
and other contributors.)
To contribute to Drawn Patrol, contact:
'at)hellyeahdesign.com (substitute the usual symbol for 'at))

Miles-Pithley Travelux V-4 (thumbnail) by Arthur Filloy
Miles-Pithley Travelux V-4 - by Arthur Filloy
"The ever popular "Travelux", camping, aeroclubing, or just flying about.
The future people's plane."

Mills & Sperry 'Bravador' (thumbnail) by Arthur Filloy
Mills & Sperry "Bravador" (UK circa 1930s) by Arthur Filloy
"A civil aircraft to begin with, the Bravador was only licensed as a light freighter,
but in due course, it became a liaison aircraft for mid-level government figures,
and technical engineers. This aircraft did not survive the 30's
and was also of no great consequence in history."

Handley-Page Hopesworth (thumbnail) by Arthur Filloy
Handley-Page Hopesworth HP 1006
- (UK circa late 1930s)
by Arthur Filloy - http://drawnpatrol.blogspot.com/
"Many of the details surrounding this rare aircraft have beeen lost through the passage of time.
Not much is known about the Hopesworth, except of course for the version depicted here.
This was the only apparent account of a Hopesworth, registered as WH-XPP 354N,
which was used to fly the Essex-Liverpool mail run during the war. Heavilly disguised
in full military regalia,the Hopesworth had to protect itself and its crew from

public humiliation and jeering."

Bensley Velospeed British racing plane - by Arthur Filloy
Beansley Velospeed - by Arthur Filloy - http://drawnpatrol.blogspot.com/
"The Velospeed, was a 1930's racing aircraft.
Owned by the Uppingham Flying Club, it was qualified for the "Codrington Cup",
however, it failed to enter the finals, with a staggeringly low speed of 67.3 mph."

More aircraft artists!
The Baronessa & her airplane (circa 1910?) (character--Ian Curtis; art--Kjartan)
Holly vom Konig in her sea-modified Fokker D.VII (Chrystolithos)
(circa 1919?) (files open to 900 Kb)
Holly vom Konig out of her Fokker D.VII floatplane (Chrystolithos)

Aircraft References: Photos & Art
A sampling of real aircraft from the 1930s & early 40s.

"Quick Look" fast scouting floatplane - art by Wolfie DarkWolfie
"Quick Look" - a sketch by Wolfie DarkWolfie

Aircraft basics
Features a "Beginner's Guide to Airplanes" by M. Mitchell Marmel

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