Spontoon Island
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First Posted: 4 August 2008
*  Update: 29 August 2010  *
**  Update: 2 September 2010  **
***  Update: 10 September 2010  ***
****  Update: 18 September 2010  ****

  Charlie Bellman stories:
by Antonia T. Tiger
The Life and Adventures of a British Consular Officer
in the Spontoon Island Independencies.

A Funeral in Berlin
Sometime before his journey to the Spontoons.

A Proper Little Charlie:
Shortly after the events of "A Funeral in Berlin".
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

**** ***  Night Mail  *** ****
Travelling to his new posting - with introductions & reassurances.
Update 18 September 2010
Chapter One
Trains and Boats and 'planes, Oh my!
Chapter Two
Into the wide blue yonder.
Chapter Three  *
Oysters, Curry, and Piracy
**  Chapter Four  **
No Highway In the Sky

***  Chapter Five  ***
A landing you can't walk away from...

****  Chapter Six  ****
The Parting of the Ways

(ending this story section)

Arrivals: A Newspaper Article
As reported in The Island Birdwatcher

Consular Duties
A night journey, with constables.

Picnic With Pistols
An introduction to friends, with luncheon.

Speed Week
("Token Anarchist": Mature for language & situations)
Token Anarchist: Part One
A Speed Week dance begins at the British Embassy.

Token Anarchist: Part Two:
Wednesday morning
Captain the Lady Helen Todd & crew fly the Cloverleaf
Derby, with help from several teams on the ground.

Token Anarchist: Part Three
Daring & skilled maneuvers in the air;
Daring & skilled maneuvers on Casino Island.

Token Anarchist: Part Four
A finish; a race to the finish; landings.