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27 August 2014

Speed Week!

Links to text stories from
Speed Week History

"The Lady of Nîmes"
by John Urie
Keith Lawton, organizer of the Schneider Cup at Spontoon Speed Week,
tells a reporter the story of an unusual entry for the 1935 race.

Part Thirteen: Update 28 July 2010
Part Fourteen: Update 7 August 2010
Part Fifteen: Update 26 August 2010
Part Sixteen: Update 29 August 2010
Part Seventeen: Update 9 September 2010

(to be continued)

Keith Lawton & reporter Drake Hackett
(as seen in "The Lady of Nîmes")
are shown talking shop at the Speed Week office in this

excerpt from John Urie's serial story: Pursuit! Chapter 27.

"A Flying Saucer"
by Mr. David R. Dorrycott
An unusual aircraft arrives for Speed Week

"Reggie-o Aeronautica"
by Simon Leo Barber
Reggie Buckhorn aids an Italian racing team (& two very charming
& resourceful young adventuresses) - Speed Week, 1936.

The Misadventure of the Miss Adventure
by Walter D. Reimer

The troubles of a seaplane race pilot
(Mature readers - for language and situations)

The Lead-Pipe Cinch
by E. O. Costello

Who would show you how a gentleman visitor of sporting inclinations
 (and resourceful resources) comes to
speculate on that racing aircraft, the Miss Adventure

Token Anarchist: A Charlie Bellman story
(featuring the pilot, the Lady Helen Todd & friends)

by Antonia T. Tiger
Part One

A Speed Week dance begins at the British Embassy
Part Two: Wednesday morning
Captain the Lady Helen Todd & crew begin the Cloverleaf Derby race
Part Three
Daring & skilled maneuvers in the air; Daring & skilled manuevers on Casino Island
Part Four
A finish; a racing finish; landings.
ending this story sequence
(Previous Charlie Bellman stories are linked here.)


by Walter D. Reimer
August of 1937, during Speed Week -
a story featuring members of the Ni family -

  Other stories of the Ni family: "Luck of the Dragon"

The Little Squirt and the Tin Flying-fish
by Stuart McCarthy

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