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Upload circa 2001
Re-format 14 August 2012
"Silver Angel"
by Fredrik K.T. Andersson
character backgrounds

"Silver Angel"
Characters and descriptions
from the comic strip
by Fredrik K.T. Andersson
(information circa 2001)

Editor's note:
Contributors should contact Freddy
(address on the Contact Page)
if you would like to use Angelica or
her airplane, 'Silfverangel' in your contributions.
These characters may be seen in the first chapter
of Fredrik's comic strip "Silver Angel"

Angelica Silfverlindh

History: Angelica is a Swedish citizen and the daughter of a newly rich Swedish entrepreneur. Angelica’s lost her mother as a child when the family travelled on a passenger ship that sunk in the Pacific Ocean during a storm. Her most prized possession is a silver medallion that can play music and has a picture of her mother in it. As a young unhappy teenager she got the opportunity to leave her father' s reputation as an eccentric importer of bananas behind her and seek a moment of peace abroad. As many rich children do, she left Sweden to study at an exclusive private school. She went to Great Britain where she learnt her “good” manners and she also learnt to fly, which was a considered as a popular past time activity by the local aristocrats at the time.

Description: Angelica is a snow-white female cat with sky-blue eyes and gold blonde hair. She acts as a classical rich and spoiled brat. Being part of a newly rich family she has only recently been introduced to a high society lifestyle, which she has not yet been fully accustomed to master. Despite this, she likes to display a sophisticated manner when she confronts “common” people, but she can’t maintain this illusion for long amongst true nobles. She has a serious attitude problem. Outwards she is arrogant, ignorant, vain, tetchy and spiteful. On the inside she’s a lost little misfit who is running away from a life she was never meant to live. She carries a lot of pain after the loss of her mother and had just embarked on a futile quest to try and find her mother (or her own true self) when she arrives at  the Spontoon Islands. 

Flaws: Angelica hates bananas! It got something to do with her father and her upbringing. If she’s confronted with this fruit in any situation it will immediately trigger a most radical behaviour, not unlike a severe psychosis. Call her “Banana Princess” and she’ll go berserk! 

Perks: Angelica is a master swimmer and free diver. After her mother presumably drowned when their ship sank during a storm, it became an obsession of hers to become a master swimmer. She keeps the guilty notion in mind that if she had been able to swim she could’ve helped her father to rescue her mother. 

Piloting: Angelica is a reckless pilot with average pilot skills and no mechanical knowledge.

(Angelica's life on the Spontoon Islands continues, including in the text stories, "The Stranded Angel: Summer 1936 & Autumn 1936"


Angelica’s Silver Seaplane: The SW-1 silver seaplane is a one of a kind construction, specially ordered and made in America. It was later shipped to the Pacific Ocean where it was reassembled to function as personal transportation for her father. The plane was originally named the “Banana Fly” and was used by Angelica’s father to take him between the islands to inspect various banana plantations. When Angelica took off with the plane and became a “flyaway” she quickly renamed it the silver angel after her first stop along the way. To avoid (or ignore) any contact from her father or anyone else, she doesn’t use the radio at all, which usually results in a few problems with the local authorities.

(Note: The marking “SW” on the seaplane stands for “Sweden". I made this plane up, so if it actually resembles an existing seaplane it’s purely coincidental.) 

Supporting Characters:

Editor's note:
With the (sw) added to these descriptions, Freddy will
allow these supporting characters to be 'Share Ware',
and used by other contributors in their Spontoon contributions.
It would still be considerate to let him know before you do this.

Carlo & Thomas (sw)

Carlo is from the Philippines where a missionary picked him up on his way to a mission on an island further out in the Pacific Ocean. Thomas, or Tom for short, is an abandoned child of unknown origin. His mother is probably a local native while her father is a European sailor.  Brought up at the same mission outpost, Carlo and Tom become like brothers. Carlo was a good student while Tom was…well, not. When Tom got kicked out from the mission housing, Carlo left as well to follow his brother. They worked onboard various ships before they eventually ended up on Spontoon Islands. They normally work on shore wherever they can find a job. They can perform basic service and maintenance on boats, ships and seaplanes.

Tom is an energetic and somewhat naïve young feline who likes to be friends with everyone, especially young females. He’s helpful and cheerful, and he never throws the first punch but if caught in a fight he will make sure to throw the last one. Carlo is the calm and resourceful thinker who basically looks after his brother, bailing him out of trouble and comforting him when he gets heartbroken over some girl. Carlo, since a while back, is courting a native rabbit girl who lives on the Main Island in a village below Crater Lake, so he doesn’t share the same interest in females as his brother. Carlo is a better fighter than his brother, having to bail out his bro from numerous fights that usually starts over some “wahine”. He’s especially good on using various forms of things that can be used as pole arms, a combat art form that he learnt a few basic moves on from the natives at the mission. After they left, he’s still gotten plenty of practice. 

Jacob “Jake” Theodore Wilson (sw)

Jake is an old male wolverine and a British Canadian by origin. He works as a flight service attendant at the civil seaplane base on the South Island. His job is to keep an eye on the pilots to make sure that all traffic comes and goes in an orderly fashion at water level, both at shore by the harbour and on the water. If the tower reports any reckless behaviour then Jake will surely come and give that pilot a good bite in the tail about it once the seaplane has landed. However, Jake is a bit old fashioned and has a bit of trouble being hard on females. “More ladies means more trouble,” he says. He also has somewhat of a drinking problem but sticks strictly to whiskey, which is both rare and expensive for him and assures his co-workers that he’ll go easy on the booze, most of the time. However, it also means it leaves him a bit vulnerable to certain forms of bribes as well. If a pilot wants him to drop a report, a whisky bottle could do just that. 

Josef “Joe” Haze (sw)

Joe is a young cat who works as a radio operator on South Island. He got good manners and is quiet and discrete, loyal and trustworthy. He’s a bit of a coward and don’t want to get involved in any trouble. This can be tough since he got the bad habit of seeing and hearing sinister things that go on around the base. He usually stays quiet about it until his superior, flight attendant Jake, asks him what it is so he can tell him. Once he's passed it on to someone else, he can go on without a bad conscience. If he doesn’t, he will have a hard time focusing on his job and doesn’t sleep well. This forces him out for late-night strolls, where he usually sees and hears more things that he shouldn’t.