Spontoon Island
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*  Update 19 October 2015  *
**  Update 31 March 2016  **


"The Three Sisters" (A coral formation) - by Jerry Collins
"The 3 Sisters" by Jerry Collins  *
(Larger file here - 840 KBytes)

Spontoon Atoll Views

"Float Town", Eastern Island, (Taral Wayne) including:
The Carnacki Institute, Eastern Island (Taral Wayne)
An overview with maps - (This larger Carnacki Institute graphic file opens to 644 Kb)
Unloading seaplanes (Spontoonie courting airplane crew)(Ken Fletcher)

Coconut Patrol near the tourist hotels (Tom Foster)
NOOTNOPS refreshing soft drink (JPMorgan)
Out on a Limb (Roy D. Pounds II)
Superior Engineering (articles by SAGallacci)
Spontoonies watch the Lagoon from a ridge (Ken Fletcher)
View towards Eastern Island from the Lagoon (SAGallacci)
(canoe, seaplane, Radio LONO tower, zeppelin mooring mast)
Donut Bay, Meeting Island (Ken Fletcher)
The 'Spontoon Albino Kaibab Squirrel' (EOCostello)

An educational article:
Schools and Vocational Training on the Islands

Streets and buildings

"Mail Woman's Run - Casino Island - Spontoon Atoll" - by O.T. Grey

"Mailwoman's Run - Casino Island - Spontoon Atoll" - by O.T. Grey
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tai-1/ - (larger file here - 450 KBytes)
"The street is made up of crushed coral, which is why it's light coloured (off-white).
...Where's her cap? And why's she in the middle of the road? =) " - O.T. Grey

The Bure: a native home (article & illo by David Ackermann)
Village Constable Station & Telephone Exchange (Ken Fletcher)
 A Euro-style home on Eastern Island (Tom Foster)
Small businesses on Casino island (Ken Fletcher)
Mother & child on street (Euro clothes)(Tom Foster)
A business street on Casino Island  (Ken Fletcher)
Looking NE from north of the Ferry Square Market
Beachhouse (Mauricio Tavares)

Minja-hi flags down "The Truck" (the BusTruck) on Main Island
**  Minja-hi flags down "The Bustruk" (Ken Fletcher)  **

At the market places:

"Cat in the General Store" by JellooftheAntiCrumb
"Cat in the General Store" by Jello of the Anti Crumb

Careful shopper (Tom Foster)
Minja-hi flags down "The Bustruk" (Ken Fletcher)
Helping shoppers catch "The Bustruk" (Ken Fletcher)

*  Jerry Collins presents:  *
'Round the Bay & Harbor  *
Sets of candid sketches of settings and characters,
*  Sketches added in 2015  *

  Harbor view in the Lagoon - by Jerry Collins

Other Nimitz Sea Islands
Spontoon Archipelago

Views of the World
  A series of educational views from foreign lands (circa 1915 to 1940)
illustrated by many of the contributors.

"Win-Win-Win" game - Ken Fletcher
A very friendly game of cards on the Rain Coast