Spontoon Island
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"The Lemonade Seller" - Ink sketch by Jerry Collins
"The Lemonade Seller"
By Jerry Collins
(Larger file here - 1 MByte)
(Seen in tourist areas on hot days. The Custom is that these servers (male or female) will be
based at a cafe or cart, and at a signal or call, will walk over and deliver a serving to the
customer from the chilled dispenser. The appeal to a tourist may also be the personal attention
 from an attractive server.
Sometimes there will be an assistant to help watch the cart,
 supply clean cups, & add ice to the dispenser.
Licensed by the Committee for Health;
and also may be supervised by other neighborhood committees,
in those tourist areas
where the serving style is expected to be more flirty.
- Ken F.)

Island Beauty by 'Jello of the Anti-Crumb'
  "Island Beauty" by 'Jello of the Anti-Crumb'
(larger image - 1.7 Mbytes)
Upload 12 August 2009

"Tropical Tengu" by Tzologeist
Tropical Tengu by Tzologeist (Tosh Bibb)

Tourist Season on Spontoon Island

A history by Ken Fletcher

A convention visit to the KHAN-TIKI resort
(via Wm. Van Ness)

Travel Posters

Tourists at a beach party (poster by Pounds & Doove)

Travel posters from the collection of Stuart McCarthy

Tourists in their environment

Terrie Swannick & Elaine Delacourt at the beach (Laurie Gerholz)
"Gold diggers"? (women's beachwear circa 1934) (Ken Fletcher)
  Chakat tourist goes fishing (Bernard Doove)
Puka-hat Sahib (Foster & Fletcher)

Licensed Native Guides & Drivers
Minja-Hi does a street routine; by Ken Fletcher
Minja-hi (& 'Flappi') do an educational skit (about 'island romance') (Ken Fletcher)
The Raykovitzes meet Rimu Raga, a local guide (JWKennedy)
Guide showing 2 tourists the sights (Kjartan)
Minja-hi: tourist guide & performer (Gerholz & Fletcher)
Minja-hi performs the "Sarong Routine" (Ken Fletcher)
The Driver of your Touring Car (Tom Foster w/inks: Ken Fletcher)

by Mauricio Tavares

A cautionary tale of tourism and crime
Uploaded 14 May 2008

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[including 'Hunters']

(Mature content warning - Adult situations)
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Hotels & Resorts
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Cruise of the Queen Mary, 1936 postcard from Stuart McCarthy

Sea Bathe in the Spontoon Island Lagoon! postcard from Stu Shiffman
 Wish You Were Her! postcard from JWKennedy
"Just Plane Fun" postcard from Denise Garner
"C'mon In, the Water's Fine!" postcard from Denise Garner


Elena Northridge: Letter from Spontoon Island
(from the archives of David Charles Cummer)

Tourists Leave

Hoopy Jaloopy!
a staff celebration discovered by Giovanna Fregni

Tourist Souvenirs

(Go see the Souvenir Stand)

Tourists Return

At the Registration Office (Simon Barber)