Spontoon Island
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"Art Studies"
Mature Rating
Some of the art on this page may have Mature content.

*  Update 28 January 2014  *
(Art by O.T. Grey added to 'Art Studies - Mature')
**  Update 31 January 2014  **
(Art by L. Frank added to 'Pinups - General')
***  Update 10 July 2014  ***
(Art by O.T. Grey, & Kjartan added to 'Art Studies - Mature')
(Art by J. W. Kennedy added to 'Pinups - General')

"Tiki-Thylacine" by Stuart McCarthy
"Tiki-Thylacine" by Stuart McCarthy - (Larger file here - 1.4 MByte)
http://duraluminwolf.deviantart.com/  http://www.furaffinity.net/user/duraluminwolf/

Artists living on the Spontoon Islands

Rotch MacDurmitt delivering commissioned art
(as illustrated by Marc Schirmeister) (600 by 800 pixels)

"Green Felt Goldmine" (illustrated article)
The Cultural Legacy of Chauncy Fleetik:

Art history reported by M. Mitchell Marmel
Illustrated by Stu Shiffman

***  Pinups (general audience)  ***

***  "Mountain View" - Art by Tegerio  ***
(Larger file here - 302 KBytes)
Editor's comment:"This is Captain Brightwater Smith, bighorn ewe, and commander of
 the Rain Island Naval Syndicate's Landing Forces. This is probably from one of the
Landing Forces annual calendars. As reported by W.D. Reimer, various sections of
RINS would elect candidates for the photos for the months. The calendars were
sold for recruiting, with profits going to various charitable syndicates."

"Fox In a Towel" - by L. Frank
"Fox In a Towel" - by L. Frank
(Larger file here - 1.2 MBytes)


"Tropical Baby" (thumbnail) - by Bongo Queen
"Tropical Baby" by Bongo Queen (Larger file here - 3.9 MBytes)
"My little empress down on Waikiki, Your hips they sway like the coconut trees -
You're such a sweetheart to me...." ("Tropical Baby" by the Brothers Cazimero)

Hula Art Pose (Sheila Ann Lacy) (thumbnail) - character & art by Roochak
"Sheila: Hula Art Pose" (Sheila Ann Lacy) Character & art
by Roochak http://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Roochak

"Millie at the Seaside" pinup (thumbnail) by Roy D. Pounds II
"Millie at the Seaside" - a pinup by Roy D. Pounds II
(Larger file here - 466 KBytes)

Melissa Pendragon ("Millie Mink") from the SteamFox comics

"Tropical Fox" (thumbnail) by 'op80918'
"Tropical Fox" by 'op80918'

Tali in bath (thumbnail) - art by L.Frank; character by M. Marmel
"Tali in the bath" - Art by L. Frank
Character by Mitch Marmel - Larger image here

Justi (03) Coat & tie (thumbnail) - by David Hopkins
Justi (jacket & tie) by David Hopkins

Justi (looks to left) (thumbnail) by David Hopkins
Justi (looks to her left) by David Hopkins

Mew (thumbnail) by Dave Hopkins
Mew by David Hopkins

Renaye (thumbnail)  by David Hopkins
"Rennaye" by David Hopkins

Erica (points at anvil) (thumbnail) by David Hopkins

Erica ("Points at the anvil...") - by David Hopkins

Tali in a classic pin-up pose - art by Hyde
Tali is a character of Mitch Marmell

Pilot's Favorite - Tom Foster & Ken Fletcher
Jaguar with Toucan by Derrick Dasenbrock
Native girl in star sarong by Taral
Washtub by Denise M. Garner
Swimsuit and bamboo by Derrick Dasenbrock
Maggie D. Katz by Jay Shell
Waiting at the Palm Tree by Tom Foster
Leaning Up Against a Mast by Tom Foster
Dinosaur Bone by Stu Shiffman
Margaret Rochard & German seaplane (art by Ken Fletcher)

Thumbnail "Big Red Bathing Beauty by Richard Bartrop
Thumbnail art links
to a much higher resolution
image on the Artspots archive.
"Big Red Bathing Beauty" by Richard Bartrop (larger resolution at 1.2 Mbytes)
This image was part of the comic "Hit the Beach" #14, available at Radio Comics

thumbnail Big Red on the phone (homage to Petty) by R. J. Bartrop

"Big Red" (on the phone) (a homage to George Petty) by R.J. Bartrop
Big Red background article

Pinups (mature audience)

Millie's Swim At Dawn - story & art by Roy D. Pounds II - color by M. Mitchell Marmel
Millie's Swim At Dawn
by Roy D. Pounds II
color by M. Mitchell Marmel
Melissa Pendragon ("Millie Mink") from the SteamFox comics


"Ship Shape" Millie Mink pinup -mature- (thumbnail) - by Roy D. Pounds II
"Ship Shape" by Roy D. Pounds II (larger file here - 476 Kb)
"In her younger days, as a photographer's model,
Millie Mink strikes a candid pose inside a Yacht, moored in San Pedro."

Rosie Goes Native (thumbnail) - Art by SueDeer; character by Mitch Marmel
Rosie Goes Native - Art by SueDeer
Rosalie Baumgartner character by Mitch Marmel

View from the Hammock (thumbnail) by Taral Wayne
View from the Hammock - by Taral Wayne

Tali - Island Girl (thumbnail) - art by L. Frank; character by M. Marmel
"Tali - Island Girl" - Art by L. Frank
Character by Mitch Marmel - Larger image here

"Rowur" by JelloOfTheAntiCrumb
"Rowur" (Lioness at pond, washing her sarong)
by Jello of the Anti Crumb


Hula by Phelin Grimwolfe

Bridget Nuthall via Bernard Doove
Sunbathing & Seaplanes by S.A.Gallacci
A daring promotion poster for Freya Islanddottir
by Tom Foster & Ken Fletcher
Caressed by the Waves by Tom Foster (K.Fletcher, inks)
Flight Engineer of the Anti-Pirate Air Patrol by Tom Foster
"Princess Kamaniwanaleia" by M. Kazaleh
"Sauna" by Taral Wayne
"Adventuress" by Taral Wayne

"Mousey Parade" pulp magazine cover by CapnTsubasa

Laura Stephan, Air Pirate: Pinup photo - by Drake TigerClaw - (color version)

"Art Studies" (general)

South Seas Sandy by Stuart McCarthy
  South Seas Sandy - by Stuart McCarthy

"Water Jug" by Chris Goodwin
"Water Jug" by Chris Goodwin
(larger file here - 245 KBytes)

Molly the Bride at the Church Door (thumbnail) - Art by Kjartan; character by Simon Barber
Molly, the Bride at the Church Door - Art by Kjartan
(A painting commissioned by her captor, Captain Shiba Granite of the ship Three Moons)
From Amelia's Songmark Diaries, by Simon Barber

thumbnail Molly reads in bet - Art by Kjartan; character Simon Barber
Molly makes some comments in the margins - Art by Kjartan

 (Songmark Academy by Simon Barber)

Thumbnail 'Tali by Moonlight'
"Tali by Moonlight" - character by Mitch Marmel
art by Shana von Carstein - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/shana/

thumbnail "Color, of course!" by A. Tiger
"Color, of course" - Art by Antonia T. Tiger
A 1930s German ad for color camera film - with a Spontoon setting.

"Jungle Vixen" (thumbnail art) - by Red-Dog (as 'Tamen' 2007)
**  "Jungle Vixen" by Red-Dog (as 'Tamen') - 2007  **

Moonlight Aloha by Dennis Clark
Flower Crown by Denise M. Garner
Two Alohas by L. Frank
Underwater Like an Otter by L. Frank
Waiting in the Rock Pool by L. Frank
Kuo Han Lady by Ken Pick
Northcoaster Quiet Ceremony by Tom Foster
A Portrait by Jerry Collins

Bather covergirl
commissioned and colored by Mitch Marmel;
art by Ken Fletcher from a classic tiki-culture reference.

***  *  "Art Studies" (mature)  *  ***

Incoming Storm, Spontoon Island - by O.T. Grey
"Coming Storm; Main Island, Spontoon Island Atoll"  *
 By O.T. Grey - (Larger file here - 450 KBytes)

("A Spontoonie citizen is observing approaching clouds.
She's clearly a local because she's butt-naked,
although her unusual hair colour suggests otherwise...." - O.T. Grey)

"Island Girls" (mature) -  by Red Dog
"Island Girls" - by Red Dog - (Larger file here - 2.3 MBytes)

"A love stronger than the tides" (thumbnail) - Rusty Haller
"A Love Stronger Than the Tides" by Rusty Haller
(Alex Decker & Lei-Lani in the Spontoon Archipelago) (larger image 1.1 MBytes)
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lei-lani  - Rusty Haller: http://aceandqueenie.com/

thumbnail "Merry Christmas 08 w/Shana" by Locopelli
"Merry Christmas '08" (with Shana) by Locopelli

"Shana and Pete" by Locopelli
"Shana and Pete" by Locopelli

A little cultural shock when new troops come through.
by S.A.Gallacci
Windblown wading in the Lagoon by Brad Foster
Bathing in the Quiet Pool by Ken Fletcher
Native Bather by Taral
Northcoaster Posing by the Shore by Tom Foster
Northcoast couple View of the Sea by Tom Foster

"Not now, Morgan; I'm on a deadline." (mature - art study) - by O.T. Grey
***  "Not now, Morgan; I'm on a deadline."  ***
Art by O.T. Grey - (Larger file here - 450 KBytes)
(The editor believes this bed-sitting-room may be on Meeting Island.)

*** Character reference: Kara Karòksdòttir, a Spontoon Island lawyer. - Art by Kjartan ***
(Larger file here - 63 KBytes) - (Character by M.M.Marmell & E.O.Costello)

**  Kara Karòksdòttir, a Spontoonie villager. Art by Kjartan  ***
(Larger file here - 78 KBytes) - (Character by M.M.Marmell & E.O.Costello)

Alpha Magazine
"For the head of the pack"

"Alphy" the Alpha Magazine mascot by R.J. Bartrop
The "Alpha Magazine" mascot
by R. J. Bartrop

First published in 1932, Alpha offered articles on fashion grooming, and sports,
as well as other topics of interest to men. Featuring articles and fiction
by some of the leading writers of the day, it's probably best remembered
for the "Alpha Female". These illustrations of the female form
were created by a variety of artists, but probably the most famous
were the work of Argentine artist Luis Ramirez, not just for his art,
but for his grisly murder in 1938. The magazine declined in popularity
 in the post-war period, looking somewhat quaint compared to
newer offerings like Playfur and Pentmouse,.(via R. J. Bartrop)

Rotch MacDurmitt delivers the art goods; by Marc Schirmeister
Cartoon by Marc Schirmeister, 2000 -
Larger version here (600 by 800 pixels)