Spontoon Island
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Informal Spontoonies
Candid views of Spontoon Island 'natives'
at home or at play on the Main Island.
(some images are meant for Mature viewers)

Scenes from everyday life may also be found in the
other Art Page archives....

Annual Spontoon Turtle Derby - (Spontoon Island) - by Giovanna Fregni, idea & pencils, Ken Fletcher inks & grey-tones.
***  Annual Spontoon Island Turtle Derby - by Giovanna Fregni, idea & pencils  ***
Ken Fletcher, inks & grey-tones. Larger files here (641 KBytes) & here (1.6 MBytes)

An annual race for younger Spontoonies, racing upon some of the younger large land tortoises
that live on a few of the islands of the Spontoon Archipelago. They are at one of the points in the race-path
where you can see that the tuned stock tortoises are nearing top speed... perhaps nearing
1/10th-of-a-mile an hour (not counting pit-stops and naps.) (Art moved here 19 September 2017.)

(Rainy Season) by Jerry Collins
***                                                                                 ***
"Some rain, eh, Uncle Poko?" (Rainy Season) Larger file here (1 MByte)

Ideas & pencil sketch by Jerry Collins - inked & toned by Ken Fletcher
Rainy Season during Winter on Spontoon Island - Circa 1935. The two locals are
wearing rain-capes made of shredded bark fiber. The North side of the
Spontoon Atoll main island has customs and gear influenced by
the North American Indian cultures of the Pacific Coast.

"Rainy Night Visit" (Rainy Season - Spontoon Island) - by Jerry Collins
**  "Rainy Night Visit" - ink sketch by Jerry Collins  **
Larger file here (708 KBytes)
(Uploaded here 30 April 2017)

"Spontoon Island Playground" - wrecked floatplane Mitsubishi F1M1 ('Pete') on a Spontoon Island beach - by Jim Groat
"Spontoon Island Playground" - by Jim Groat  *
Larger files here (418 KBytes) & here (653 KBytes)

"Hula Maru" - by Taral Wayne
  "Hula Maru" by Taral Wayne 
Larger file here (758 KBytes)

Uploaded 10 November 2015

"The village at 9 a.m." By Jerry Collins
"The village at 9 a.m." - by Jerry Collins
Larger file here - (1.9 MBytes)
Uploaded 29 April 2015

"A Good Day Begins" (fishing boat & crew) - by Jerry Collins
"A Good Day Begins" (fishing boat & crew) - by Jerry Collins
(Larger file here - 1.9 MBytes)
Uploaded 2 April 2015

"I hear the Earth Mother singing." - by Jerry Collins
"I hear the Earth Mother singing." - by Jerry Collins
Larger file here - (1 MBytes)
(Upload 21 January - moved here 28 January 2015)

Two Spontoonie 'ama' divers at the sea surface - (Japanese Culture) - small size - by S.A. Gallacci
Two Spontoonie 'ama' Divers at the surface (Japanese culture)
(Larger files here - 1.4 MBytes, and here - 2 MBytes)
by S.A. Gallacci

Spontoonie fisher-folk, with a varied catch (Japanese culture) (small art) - by S.A.Gallacci
Spontoonie fisher-folk, with a varied catch (Japanese culture) - by S.A. Gallacci
(Larger files here - 1.8 MBytes - and here - 3.2 MBytes)
"The B&W lad has a crush on the white girl, but he’s still a very bashful boy, compounded by
a particular lack of luck in fishing in general, and doubly so when the girls do well.
The girl knows how he feels and she doesn’t mind the potential attention, but she’s in no hurry either.
The white boy would like to know the grey girl better, but he doesn’t feel he has the wherewithall
to make a good impression if he came forward. For her part, the grey girl is thinking
more about her future, and though she is the daughter of a humble fisherman,
she knows that in the Spontoons, ambition and effort can raise anyone to any height.
The little grey boy  is her little brother, who stays with her like a devoted puppy.
The big fish is a lobe-finned analog to a reef-living grouper. Not great eating but plenty greasy."
-- S. A. Gallacci
(Upload 10 July 2014 - moved here onto "Informal Spontoonies" 31 July 2014)

Spontoonie fish-stand (Japanese Culture) - by S.A. Gallacci
Spontoonie Village Fish-Stand (Japanese Culture) - by S.A. Gallacci
(Larger file here - 801 KBytes)

Ice bucket to the Picnic - by Jerry Collins
Ice Bucket to the Picnic - by Jerry Collins
(Larger file here - 484 KBytes)

Sortensteen Sisters native fashion & canoe - by Warren Hutch
Sorensteen Sisters & Racing Canoe - Speed Week
"...out for a day in the sun and surf...."
By Warren Hutch - (Larger file here - 2.3 MBytes) - warrenhutch@yahoo.com

Characters by Walter Reimer
The Milikonu Family on vacation (1939, Sealth, Rain Coast)
(Larger file here - 510 KBytes)
Art by KV1NN4 - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kv1nn4
(Characters & notes by Walt Reimer)

"In 1939, Ranua Milikonu (the wirehair terrier on the left) took his wife Miri and their son Tainafi
 to Rain Island for a holiday. The picture shows them posing in Seathl's Haywood Park,
a short distance away from the statue to Big Bull.

"Ranua and his family are all native Spontoonies but since he's an officer
 in the Rain Island Naval Syndicate, he holds dual citizenship with the Rain Island Anarchcracy.

"(A note about what Tainafi's chewing on: It isn't what you think.
The J. W. Flisbee Company made picnic gear in the Seathl area from resin plastics,
and the standard picnic set included the plate-cover you see the little pup gnawing.)"

(More on Ranua's military career on the Tales of Rain Island page.)

Miri doing a hula (Miri Milikonu) - Art by Tegerio, character by Walt Reimer
"Miri doing a hula" - (Larger file here - 328 Kb)
Art by Tegerio - Character by Walt Reimer

Miri is the wife of Ranua Milikonu (officer of the RINS),
and appears in some of the stories of "Tales from Rain Island"

Halli Amura, RINS flight officer (off duty, at home) - Art by Jim Groat, character by Walt Reimer
Halli Amura, RINS officer (off duty, at home)
Art by Jim Groat (Larger file here - 254 KByte)

From the story Seahawk, by Walt Reimer, who writes: "Halli Amura is a native Spontoonie,
but was part of the first group from that nation to join the Rain Island Naval Syndicate.
She was selected for flight training as a pilot in the Air Arm, earning her wings in 1937.
She's a qualified combat pilot, having earned Rain Island's third-highest award."

Spontoon Island natives (Young women grooming) (thumbnail) - Art by S.A.Gallacci
Spontoon Island natives (Young women grooming) - by Steven A. Gallacci
http://stevegallacci.artspots.com/ - (Larger file here - 2 MBytes)

(Thanks to David Schmoker for sharing from his sketchbook.)

"Island Gecko" by Scottish Wolf
"Island Gecko" by Scottish Wolf
(larger file here - 964 Kbytes)


"Wild Melons" by D. Cannon
"Wild Melons" by D. Cannon

Jungle Bunne' by Taral Wayne
Jungle Bunné by Taral Wayne

"Tara & Tiki: Bamboo" by Tim Fay
Tara & Tiki: Bamboo - Art by Timothy Fay

Island Girl (Ken Singshow)
Greetings from a girl on the beach (Bernard Doove)
(Mature) Carrying pots (Mike Kazaleh)
The Flying Airplane Sisters (Ken Fletcher)
(Mature) Oiled fur patterns (Kjartan)
(Amelia Bourne-Phipps & Moeli Hoele'toemi: characters Simon Barber)
(Mature) Canoe Surfing (Tom Foster)
Turtle Surfing (Giovanna Fregni)
Sculptor & Birdtamer (Ken Fletcher)
Skinny Dipping in the Moonlight (Steve Gallacci)
North Coaster grills some lunch (Tom Foster)
The new Kava preparer (Ken Fletcher)

"The Tiki Maker" - by Jerry Collins
**  "The Tiki Maker" by Jerry Collins - (Larger file here - 978 KBytes)  **

Momma Popoluma & children - art by Fredrik Andersson - Mama Popoluma character of Simon Barber
Mama Popoluma from the "Stranded Angel" stories

Going to Market
"Market Day" by Jerry Collins
"Market Day" - an ink sketch by Jerry Collins
(Larger file here - 787 KBytes)

Gathering Yams & Taro (David Ackermann)
Polynesian culture lizard & NorthAmerind badger
Farm girl, Scandinavian village (Mauricio Tavares)
(Farm girl in color by Mitch Marmel)
Spearfishing in the Lagoon (David Ackermann)
Going to market on Spontoon Island (Father & child) (Giovanna Fregni)

Mom & child go to market (Ken Fletcher)

Lizard Blues (Tom Foster)

Carrying bamboo (Amanda Dee)