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29 August 2008
Update 27 August 2014
Links added 20 July 2016
Speed Week Logo 2 "Schneider Trophy" - by Ken Fletcher
Speed Week!
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Air race start - Ken Fletcher & color by Taral Wayne
Air race start - by Ken Fletcher & color by Taral Wayne - Larger image
Taral Wayne art at: http://taralwayne.deviantart.com/ & http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saara/

SH-4 "Flaming Arrow" by Stuart McCarthy
Stearman-Hughes SH-4 "Flaming Arrow" (Number 31)
Racing floatplane as flown by Benny "Buddy" Rocco (drawn by Stuart McCarthy)

The Conway R-3, built by Conway Aviation of Tacoma, Washington, being put
through its paces in preparation for the upcoming Schneider Cup race.
The company has been trying to interest the Navy in a fighter version

Spitfire Turboprop 1946 by Simon Barber
Spitfire Turboprop 1946 by Simon Barber

A link to:
Beryl's Spitfire - 1946

Spitfire XXVII Turboprop & Pilot Beryl Parkesson at the 1946 air races
(a page of images by Simon Barber)

"Bloop!" - Racing floatplane tune-up - By Roy D. Pounds II
"Bloop!": Racing floatplane tune-up (Roy D Pounds II)