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First posted 23 July 2006
'Silver Angel' Art Archive
by Fredrik K.T. Andersson
Art & sketches based on the "Silver Angel" comic strip
by  Fredrik K.T. 'Freddy' Andersson, and related text stories
with his characters.

There may be some mature images in the art & comics.

The opening "Silver Angel" Comic strips are *here*
Silver Angel comic logo -- Freddy Andersson

Character descriptions from the "Silver Angel" comic strips
 by Fredrik K.T. Andersson (circa 2001)

The 'SilverAngel' seaplane
Angelica Silfverlindh (2001 version)

From the continuation of the "Silver Angel" comic strip:
"Stranded Angel"
a serial text story by Fredrik K.T. Andersson, Simon Barber & Reese Dorrycott
collaboratively sharing their Spontoon Island setting characters.

Character sketches by Fredrik K.T. Andersson:

*  Angelica Silfverlindh - Stranded and Annoyed  *
Her early looks during the first few months of being stranded on the island.
Reluctantly wearing a native dress with a spoiled girl's attitude
and a mind set firmly on leaving the "savage" islands of Spontoon.
"Nuimba, Tehepoa, & Ote'he"
The young magic users who put an angry & warped geas on Angelica.
Now firmly apprenticed Oharu and learning some remedial lessons in spiritcraft.
*  Oharu Wei - Japanese Miko Priestess  *
Here seen dressed as a miko, a Japanese priestess.
(Before she started her hard journey to Spontoon Island)
*  Nuimba, Tehepoa, & Ote'he as Apprentices  *
Here seen after they have become apprentices to Oharu.
"Stranded Angel v02"
Angelica Silfverlindh and her seaplane, SilverAngel, under a romantic moon.

"Mama Popoluma & Children"
Feeding the kids. She's also adopted Angelica into her family.
Angelica Silfverlindh Popoluma is now a Spontoonie citizen.
*  Mama Popoluma with children  *
Another view with a bunch of her kids.
*  Angelica Silfverlindh Popoluma  - Pearl diver   *
(Image for mature viewers)

"Angelica Silfverlindh Popoluma - Pearl Fisher"
Given the name Popoluma when she was adopted by the village.
Here she's Angelica the Pearl Fisher. Slightly longer hair
and more physically adapated to her new life as a native in Spontoon.

"Kama's Adopted Family"
Kama (young foster child of strange powers) has found her 'family'.
(Angelica, Kama & Ada walking on beach)
"Kama's Pet"
Clockwise from upper left: Angelica, Ada, Kama, & her very deep-sea Pet.
*  Little Kama and Pet 'Sea Cucumber'  *
Self-proclaimed daughter of Angelica and Ada. Here holding her strange pet.

"Songmark's Synchronized Swimming Team"
Prudence, Ada, Belle & Carmen from 'Prudence's Dorm'.

"Prudence & Tahini"
Prudence and her Spontoonie wife (with hyena ancestry & attributes).

"Helping Angelica"
Working on the SilverAngel.  Clockwise from top right:
Prudence, Belle, Carmen, Ada ("Prudence's  Dorm"
from Songmark Academy) & Angelica.

"Missy Pohovic: village priestess"
Her family has a tradition of service: Her brother is a village constable.

"Crab Grab"
(Mature image) Angelica & admiring Spontoonie wildcritter.

Jan Vanderveldt
Agent & Pilot for Von Krokk: An anti-hero with some sense.

Von Krokk
Head of a smuggling ring specializing in pearls.

Black Lotus
An ally of Jan Vanderveldt. Obsessed with pearls.

*  Hsien the Slave Trader  *
A Burmese cat and slave trader in cahoots with Van Crook.
Has his eyes and mind set on adding Angelica to his supply of exotic new merchandise.

"Shell Hunter"
The trespassing French biologist encounters Kama's Pet.

*  Alfred Silfverlindh  *
Founder of the Swedish Banana Company

Angelica Silfvelindh's father and only parent.
Founder and owner of a Swedish banana company
that's importing bananas to Scandinavia via the port
of his hometown in Gothenburg.

*  Marta Svensson  *
Maid at the Silfverlindh Household

Maid at the Silfverlindh Household and estate in Gotheburg.
Very keen on helping Mr Silfverlindh to protect
the family's good name and business. Loves banans!

Sketches of Spin-off Scenes by Fredrik K.T. Andersson:

"Banana Drama"
Angelica & Kama on the beach as Spontoonie villagers
salvage some banana crates from the Lagoon.

"Banana Stick-up"
Kama & Angelica

"Tailfast Terror"
(or "Eek! I'm Tailfast!") Ada, waiter, & Angelica
the Morning After in a Spontoonie hotel.

The French Marine Biologist & Kama's Pet acting naturally.

"Bad Cooking"
Angelica & Kama at home in their longhouse at the village.

"Cooking & Cursing" Angelica's cooking -- Freddy Andersson
"Cooking & Cursing"

"Cooking & Cursing"
(Spontoonie passers-by near Angelica, Kama, & Ada's longhouse.)
Angelica has problems with primitive cooking.
"Smoking Village Flyby"
(Aircraft over Angelica's village.) More cooking problems.
Ada does the cooking: Kama's Pet may look too much like a Sea-mallow!
(or is that a "Deepsea-cucumber?)
(Pet almost zucchinied by Ada, with Angelica & Kama)
"Ada Pet Eek"
Keeping the favorite wet & slimy pet off of the bed:
(Angelica, Kama, Ada, & Pet)
"Longest Kiss Ever"
Angelica & Ada & some quick-working Songmark student mechanics
in the background, re-assembling the SilverAngel.

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