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(L. Frank art & Warren Hutch's The Bride of the Hubba Hubba Hula)
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(Tali & Millie "Shake It!")

This page may contain images of dancers that
are recommended for mature viewers only.


"...Haabunai and Song of the Nightingale again evoked
the thrumming beat of the great drums, and the dance began.
This was a tragedy of the sea, a pantomime of danger
and conflict and celebration."

White Shadows in the South Seas by Frederick O'Brien {with Rose Wilder Lane})

Tali & Millie "Shake It!" (Hula) - Art by Roy D. Pounds II, color by MMMarmel - Tali character from MMMarmel, 'Millie' character from Roy D. Pounds II'
Tali & Millie "Shake It!" - Art by Roy D. Pounds II, Color by MMMarmel
Larger file here (3.5 MBytes)
(From MMMarmel: "Tali and Millie are having an entertaining evening on
Spontoon taking hula lessons. They sure can shake it!
I rather suspect
Millie is going to be shaking it a bit more when she discovers
she's wandered too close to a tiki torch...
Sure hope that's not one
of those tourist 'grass skirts' made of flash paper!
 Tali Hartoh Mason (page has Mature art) is from MMMarmel,
Millicent 'Millie' T. Mink (some Mature pages) is from Roy D. Pounds II


"The Hubba Hubba Hula" (thumbnail) - by Warren Hutch
"The Hubba Hubba Hula" and
"The Return of the Hubba Hubba Hula"
(2 pages uploaded 20 February 2013)
*  "The Hubba Hubba Hula Strikes Back"  *
(2 pages uploaded 27 August 2014)
**  "The Hubba Hubba Hula Rides Again"  **
(Upload 4 September 2014)

***  "The Bride of the Hubba Hubba Hula"  ***
(Upload 9 October 2014)

are ethnochoreographic diagrams shared on their own separate page
by the renowned Spontoon Archipelago ethnochoreologist, Warren Hutch.
(These scientific sequential diagrams are recommended for
education-minded mature viewers only.)

"Both (teachers) jealously eyed our rapid improvement in hula...
Our charivari of record playing, feet stamping, women squabbling,
shrieks of laughter made a welcome interlude.... By end of evening,
strands from our dancing skirts littered the floor."

(Sound of the Stars, by Frances M. Parsons, 1971 - page 396, 14 January, 1941)

Quotes Basket

Three hula-hula female dancers - by L. Frank
***  Three female hula-hula dancers - by L. Frank  ***
Larger files here (441 KBytes) & here (1.7 MBytes)
(Upload 9 October 2014)

Miri doing a hula (Miri Milikonu) - Art by Tegerio, character by Walt Reimer
"Miri doing a hula" - (Larger file here - 328 Kb)
Art by Tegerio - Character by Walt Reimer

Miri is the wife of Ranua Milikonu (officer of the RINS),
and appears in some of the stories of "Tales from Rain Island"
(Upload 6 February 2013)

"Twin and I glued our eyes on Miri's professional (hula) dance,
figuring out each movement. Constant drilling left us hours smarter.
Samoa's hand dance fascinated us the most. By dinnertime, we were
exhausted, but happy how well we rated in Miri's eyes."

(Sound of the Stars, by Frances M. Parsons, 1971 - page 386, 28 December, 1940)

Hula weasel-girl (thumbnail) - by Stuart McCarthy
Hula weasel-girl (larger file here - 2.8 MBytes)
by Stuart McCarthy

"Vixen Hula" (thumbnail) - by Tremaine
"Vixen Hula" by Tremaine (larger file here - 1.4 MBytes)

Hula Hunny hula-hula by Bongo Queen
Hula Hunny hula-hula by Bongo Queen

"Hula Dog" (thumbnail) by BooBooBunnyGirl
"Hula Dog" by BooBooBunnyGirl (Rachel Landers)

Hawaii (Dancers) by meradragon (C.L. Knopp)
"Hawaii (Dancers)" by meradragon (C.L. Knopp)

"Kahiko" (Bongo, the Hula Husky, doing her thing.) by Bongo Queen
"Kahiko" (Bongo, the Hula Husky, doing her thing.)
by Bongo Queen

"Fire-pig" by 'The Brothers Grinn' (Brian & Stuart Burke)

Kelly O'Dor "Going Native" by JWKennedy

"Hula Girl At Heart" by Locopelli (Parrothead529)

"Big Red Goes Native (Sort of )" by Richard Bartrop
" With thanks to Milton Caniff's Male Call "

"Luau Mongoose" by Inali M. Ke'aloha - 2005 - (SpiritCreations)

"Island Dancer" by Kacey Miyagami - http://www.otonashi.net/
(used with permission) http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kacey/

"Hawaii by Clipper" by Heather Bruton

"...based on a PanAm travel poster."

Mature image:
1930 #2: Wednesday as toon hula dancer - by "Sublimate"
Mature art: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sublimate/
Short background essay in Movie History

"Tali Hula Hickey Doola!"
Art by Crisisabort -- character by M. Mitchell Marmel

Tali does the Hula -  character by Mitch Marmel
Art & animation by Anir -

'Hulatron' at the Spontoon Island Pavilion
1940 World's Fair (design by R.J.Bartrop)

Testing the HulaRamba (Ken Fletcher)

From the canoe she took a half-coconut shell and showed me
how to beat a syncopated rhythm on the side of the outrigger.
She was pleased when I struck the rhythm correctly
  the first time - she couldn't know it was the same kind
I'd heard so many times on the dance floors of America.
(Hester, in You Could Do It, Too! by Hester Parsons, 1939 - pages 46-47)

dance schools & festival competitions

Dance Lesson during a beach performance (Kathy Grantham)
Mask dancing (JPMorgan)

Practice for the Dance Festivals (Giovanna Fregni)
Lars Nordstrom competes--July 1935 (Simon Barber)
Songmark Students at a Dance School
(Kjartan does Simon Barber's characters)
Tiki Torch & Lantern Dance (Ken Fletcher)

Sometimes at night there were rattles and bangs and thumps
from the village. This meant the locals were practicing 'Items',
native songs and dances -- hulas for the girls and men, Manihiki
drum dances -- to be inserted in concert programs or among
European dances at parties. They were always called 'Items'.
(On Aitutaki, Cook Islands, in the 1950s. From Pieces of Heaven - In the
South Seas, by Nancy Phelan, 1996 - page 160)

Spontoon Island folk dancers

hula-style dancers
Hula girl (by Blackie)
"Hawaiian Rockhopper girl"
Hula Horse (by Blackie)
"Red Banner" Hula (Mature Image by Ken Fletcher)
Kai Make Hula (by Marc Schirmeister)
Pumpkin Head-Hunter dance (by Ken Fletcher)
Hylda the mature dancer (by Salmacis Reptile)
Dance party long ago & far away (by Ken Fletcher)
Bobble Hula (by Ursula Husted)
Mechanic's Hula (by Ken Fletcher)
Ostrich Hula (by Giovanna Fregni)
Icelander Hula (by Kjartan)

Little Duck Hula (by Ken Fletcher)
Sitting Storytelling Hula (by Ken Fletcher)
Mollie sees Mr.Nordstrom dance (by Simon Leo Barber)
Dancer & Drummer (by Ken Fletcher)
Public dancing on a Lagoon beach (by Simon Barber)
(Lars & Molly dance, Amelia dj's the music, & Leslie & Willow
(courtesy M.Marmel) get to be the audience)

Beach Dance: Molly, Lars & Amelia (by Simon Barber)
Seaplane Hula travel poster (from the collection of K. Fletcher)

euro-style folk dancers
Ballroom Dancing at the Casino (Laurie Gerholz)
Swing-Dancer (Denise M. Garner)

Fox Fan Dance (Louis Frank)

stage dancers
 "Imphulica" Impudica does the hula - JWKennedy
"Imphulica" (Impudica does the Hula dance)  *
by JWKennedy -
(Background info on Impudica can be found there)
(Larger image file here)

 'Hello Hula' floor show dance (Ken Fletcher)
Dancing the Charleston at the Casino (Ken Fletcher)
A South Sea Dance Performance (Giovanna Fregni)
Yma Samoyed sings interpretive Polynesian dance (JWKennedy)
"Spontoon Revue": A floorshow at the Coconut Shell (Denise M. Garner)

Dance party in the Spontoon Archipelago by Ken Fletcher
Dance Party by Ken Fletcher

More dancers are dancing over at
"Visitors & Guests"