Spontoon Island
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Posted 21 February 2011 (edited 22 February 2011)
*  Illustrations by Warren Hutch added 26 June 2012  *
**  Illustration by Warren Hutch 23 June 2014  **
***  Illustration by Jerry Collins 28 January 2015  ***

****  Illustration by Jerry Collins 5 March 2015  ****
*****  Illustration by Jerry Collins (with Ken Fletcher) 21 August 2016  *****
For Mature viewers,
due to (possible art image) nudity and (possibly fictional) theology.

an art archive & introduction

This page edited by Ken Fletcher
& based on stories and writings by Simon Barber, Reese Dorrycott,
& many others of the story & art contributors.

The Spontoon Island priestess, Oharu - art by Blue Deer - Charater by Reese Dorrycott
"Oharu Sings Down the Moon"
(Oharu, a Priestess of the Spontoon Islands)
Art by 'Blue Deer' - http://furaffinity.net/user/abluedeer - (Larger file here - 1 MByte)
Character by Reese Dorrycott - stories archived at http://www.naorhy.com/

Oharu, a priestess of Shinto & of the Spontoon Islands - art by Frederick Andersson, character by Reese Dorrycott
Oharu Wei - seen as a Miko, a Japanese priestess.
(Before the start of her hard journey to Spontoon Island.)
Art by Fredrik K.T.Andersson

"The Quiet Path" - by Jerry Collins
****  "The Quiet Path" - by Jerry Collins  ****
Larger file here - (1.9 MB)
Missy Pohovic: A village priestess on Main Island - by Frederick K. T. Andersson
"Missy Pohovic: A village priestess on Main Island"
by Fredrik K.T. Andersson

Tara and Tiki in the Jungle - by Timothy Fay
Tara and Tiki in the Jungle - by Timothy Fay
A young priestess who is an environmental warden and coast-watcher.

Tara & Tiki: Bamboo - by Timothy Fay
Tara & Tiki: Bamboo - by Timothy Fay

Nuimba, Tehepoa, & Ote'he by Frederick Andersson
"Nuimba, Tehepoa, & Ote'he" - By Fredrik K.T. Andersson
The young magic users who put an angry & warped geas on Angelica Silfverlindh.
Now firmly apprenticed to the Priestess Oharu and learning some remedial lessons in spiritcraft.

(from the comic strip "Silver Angel" & the story, "Stranded Angel")

Nuimba, Tehepoa, & Ote'he as Apprentices - by Frederick Andersson
Nuimba, Tehepoa, & Ote'he as Apprentices - by Fredrik K.T. Andersson
Here seen after they have become apprentices to Oharu.

'The Wise Ones Waiting' from Part 7 of The Gaze: The Glass Goose - art & story by Warren Hutch
The Wise Ones Waiting - (Larger file here - 1.8 MBytes)
from "The Gaze: The Glass Goose" - Part 7 (Words to the Wise)
art & story by Warren Hutch http://www.furaffinity.net/user/warren/
(Priestesses from Warren's Spontoon Island setting, dressed for a confrontation.)

The Wise Ones unmasked - from The Gaze: The Glass Goose - art & story by Warren Hutch
The Wise Ones unmasked -
(Larger file here - 1.8 MBytes)  *
from "The Gaze: The Glass Goose" - art & story by Warren Hutch
(The same priestesses without their masks) (More illustrations at his GAZE art archive)

of the Spontoon Island Kami

(written by Ken Fletcher
including edited material from S.Barber, R. Dorrycott
& other contributors)

page 5, by S.A.Gallacci
A strong hint that the 'magic' is real:
A kami priestess protects a visitor to the Spontoon Islands.
(Page 5 of "Young Zeichner's Encounters" by S.A. Gallacci, 1998)

     Religion & Magic works in the world of the Spontoon Islands. Gods & Goddesses & Spirits exist and can make themselves known and sometimes affect events in the reality of this world. These are not overwhelming presences in everyday life, and are not a pervasive part of the lives of most of the inhabitants of the world. For most living in this world, religion is a comforting routine (that we would find familiar), but perhaps with the additional knowledge that a friend's friend has consulted with someone who is in actual contact with these spiritual forces. For an individual to access the location of these spiritual beings may take innate abilities &/or training in skills.

     The Priestesses are the guides to the contact with these spirits (Kami) of the Spontoon Islands. The worshipped Kami are of the Light Side. The Priestesses serve the Kami and the Island community. The religious forms would appear to be generally Polynesian, but also, in recent history there is influence from other religions. (The 'natives' are also from Scandinavia, the Rain Coast, and Asia, with even some British influence.) A Priestess may serve the local Kami, but can also be a priestess of her own tradition. She may have parts of her costume that identify her traditions.
     Most of the religious authority and organization is within the local Priestesses, with a High Priestess as head of worship, and responsible for being the Priestesses' administrator, counselor, planner, & coordinator. The number of full-time Priestesses is perhaps 50, with most of them having specialized responsibilities. There are also part-time Priestesses. Many of the Priestesses are the contacts for local individuals with out-of-the-ordinary spiritual concerns, and often these Priestesses may be contacted at a designated location within a village, neighborhood, or area of the Spontoon Atoll islands.
Missy Pohovic: A village priestess on Main Island - by Frederick Andersson

      (There are a small number of Priests with contacts in this local Kami world, but in the Spontoon Islands they choose to stay in the background and be subordinate to the public organization of the Priestesses. They are seldom seen and not very likely to be interested in casual conversation.)

      There are religious ceremonies the Priestesses perform (including songs and dances), and areas of worship that they supervise. They may be available for spiritual counseling & intervention. As a group, they may be part of the administration and spiritual & temporal defense of the Spontoon Islands. Some of the Priestesses may have the ability to come into contact with the Kami, for more direct communication and travel in the Kami-Place/ DreamTime.

      Some of the Priestesses appear in the published Spontoon Island stories.

      From the serial story "Stranded Angel" (Andersson, Barber, & Dorrycott) --

     The Priestess Oharu is explaining to her new apprentices (Tehepoa, Ote'he and Nuimba) the rules that Priests &  Priestesses of Spontoon live under.  Thaey have asked, among other things, how long they will be learning...

     "All your lives" Oharu answered. "Upon your last breath you will still be learning, as I will, as all priests and priestess's are. We serve, we do not rule. WE MAY NOT RULE." Her harsh voice rose, causing all three to shiver in their tracks. "No one may stand between the people and the Gods. We keep up the temples, we keep up the shrines. We remember the rites and rituals. We serve at the pleasure of the Gods. At the pleasure of the people. We are nothing more than the poor orphan who makes his crumb of bread by sweeping the path for others. That is the true secret of what we do. We are, and always will be less than those we serve."

"A picture of a local islander, dressed as a Spontoonie Priestess...."

     Religious authority is not determined by a cliche appearance or costume. While a Priestess (or Priest), may have a costume, ceremonial mask, or distinctive fur-markings, they can also choose to blend in to their social situations, wearing everyday casual dress. And it is quite possible for a Priestess to be exercising her powers and duties, wearing very little obvious, or nothing at all.

     One would expect that there are fur markings, accessories, and costume that are restricted by the Spontoonie culture and exclusive to a Spontoon Island Priestess. These have not been documented here on these pages. Seeing an image, one would have to interpret the context or caption to know if the costumed female is a Priestess.

     There are some individual 'magic users' who may not be part of the organized Priestesses. A magic user might use costume or masks to assist in ceremonies enhancing their magic abilities.

     The culture of the Spontoon Islands also supports 'Spontoonie Custom', which is a form of role-playing and dress-up for recreation and gently confusing visitors with street-theater. Many Custom players act out as cliche-costumed 'native' priestesses and priests, with-or-without native-style masks, and complete with choreographed ceremonies, public and semi-private. Some examples include the "Moon Priestesses", who are part of a Custom street-theater group promoting safe & skillful sex practices for the tourists (and locals). This is an institution sanctioned by the Althing & the Priestesses, but observing from the outside, you can be uncertain whether these priests & priestesses are really a part of the local Kami worship.

     Other costumed processions at temples or clearings, with what appear to be 'priests & priestesses' may be closer to a community chorus, music, or dance groups. It is possible for a local female to be dressed in a costume as a worshiper of the Kami, in a public or private ceremony.

     One can't always be sure if there are distinct lines between the circles of entertainment, socializing, and worship.

    Other islands in the Spontoon Archipelago have priestesses and priests in the Polynesian style, but there are potentially other traditions that can be important on the other islands. That may include influences from the Pacific Coasts of the Americas, the coasts of Asia, Suomi, and European cultures.

     So some of the illustrations you may see here may be of actual Spontoonie Priestesses, or may be of someone playing the role of 'priestess' for visitors or for fun, or locals worshiping privately or in a group. Or the illustrations may be of Priestesses from other islands in the Spontoon Archipelago.

February 2011
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(from The Gaze: The Glass Goose) - Art & story by Warren Hutch
**  Hakoakala, daughter of Hakila. 
(In informal beachwear; perhaps even
'off-duty'...if such a thing is possible.)
by Warren Hutch
(Larger file here - 555 KBytes)

"I hear the Earth Mother singing." - by Jerry Collins
***  "I hear the Earth Mother singing." - by Jerry Collins  ***
Larger file here - (1 MBytes)
(Upload 21 January - moved here 28 January 2015)

The Moon Priestess is IN - pencil sketch by Jerry Collins, framing sketch & inks by Ken Fletcher
*****  Moon Priestess - IN  *****
by Jerry Collins & Ken Fletcher - Larger file here (1 MByte)
A Moon-Priestess looks out the window of a local Moon Priestess co-operative
office at an urban temple on Casino Island. (Circa 1935; Spontoon Island Atoll.)

The "Moon Priestesses" are an organization of volunteers that are mostly known
for appearing in exotic costumes in the Spontoon tourist areas, and invite tourists
to visit their small temples. Their ceremonies seem to take the form of short street-
theater plays that promote sex-education, and invitations to small group
consultations that offer very pragmatic coaching for physical and mental
wellness & health. Free clinic time is available. A visitor would be wise
to be respectful, even if this is not what a visitor expected. (They are highly
regarded by the locals, most of whom went through the classes as teenagers.)

With all the costuming and temples to fit Tourist expectations, a visitor
'in-the-know' might consider them a part of the Spontoonie cultural practice
of  'Tourist Custom'  - to role-play visitors for the Spontoonies' own amusement.
However, for a long time, many of those consulting the Moon Priestesses have
returned to their homelands happier for the practical knowledge that is taught
(that may not have been in their education at home). It has become known
that the Moon Priestess organization is supported and subsidized, in part,
by the Spontoon Althing Public Health Committee, and might be an actual
Sub-Committee of the Althing government. The Moon Priestess are also very
active in religiously sharing education during some festivals in the
non-tourist areas of the Spontoon Archipelago. For all the associations with
secular role-playing for visitors, worshipers of Spontoon-connected kami
believe that this group actually has some Kami-Time communication. The local
 kami called <
Do You Need Some Help With That?> is often mentioned.
So, some of the role-play 'priestesses' one might encounter...
may be The Real Thing. Play nice.

(via Ken Fletcher)

(Meta-reality background-information alert:)
The basics of the Spontoon Island Archipelago are in the public domain,
which allows the contributors & visitors a lot of leeway in how they imagine
the details of the setting to work. Contributors are allowed a lot of variation & 'slack' in how
they choose to show how the local religion works, and how the priestesses are shown.
However, for a basic collaborative and co-operative setting, I would suggest following the
theology background developed by Simon Barber & Reese Dorrycott (and used in their stories).
This background they developed is the core of the short essay above.

Some of this information is part of the "Spontoon Island Writers Guide" (linked below).
Some sections to explore are: The Religion section of the General Guidlines; Sacred Island;
Religious Observances & Labels; Known Living Priestesses in 1937.
The character lists may have additional information on the priestesses.

"The Spontoon Island Writers Guide"

This is a work-in-progress compiled and edited by Reese Dorrycott.
It collects, summarizes, & adds published background information
on the Spontoon Island Archipelego alternate-history setting.
This may be useful for contributors and entertaining for visitors to this website.
(This Writers Guide collects information from the informal background consensus
that the Spontoon Island contributors share, based on the currently archived material)

Some of the material is republished from this website, some parts are new essays on
the Spontoonie cultures, histories, and background stories.
Some of the material is listings of characters, social institutions, locations, & objects --
with credits to their creators. Information will be added and revised,
so additional information is welcome. A contact address for Reese is in the file.
The file may be revised at any time.

This is a link to an (Adobe) pdf file of "The Spontoon Island Writers Guide" located
at Reese and Anna Dorrycott's website -- www.naorhy.com
and linked with Reese's permission.
"Adobe Reader" may be downloaded for free,from the Adobe website.

There are duplicates of this link & information on the Editorial & Links pages,